Joy Division “Unknown Pleasures” (1979) – Peter Hook and the Light (Paris Trabendo, 10th March 2011)

It would be pretentious on my side to try to write something smart and new about Joy Division. I would therefore recommend to read their story in the link below. To summarize, four lads on the dole meet in Manchester in the 70’s heavily influenced by many artists and enthusiastic about the Punk bands of the era, realize two fantastic records of amazing music, singer Ian Curtis dies hanging himself whereas the other three (Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris) welcome keyboard player Gillian Gilbert to be another great band (New Order).

Both records are quite different in their sounds: whereas 2nd LP (“Closer” – 1980) sounds like one of the saddest record ever (8,5/10), “Unknown Pleasures” sounds like nothing on earth (post-punk album with claustrophobic effects and Stooges energy). Once again, go on discovering or (re)discovering it as this is one of the few records I could hear 1 million times without being “blasé” (10/10).

Joy Division and later New Order bass player Peter Hook is currently paying hommage to his formed band by playing “Unknown Pleasures” in its entirety + selected Joy Division songs with his band the Light made of old friends and new talents (including his son on bass and an amazing young guitarist named Nat Wason). He plays and sings with the enthusiasm on a young man and I would say this is an honour to hear these songs live as they have been conceived more than thirty years ago. Below a few pictures of the show and a few ones backstage where your host has been invited thanks to David Sultan, THE Joy Division/New Order world specialist!

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One of Joy Division greatest singles : “Transmission” as played by Peter Hook & the Light.

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