Josh T. Pearson, Paris (Café de la Danse), 15th April 2011

Two weeks after having seen and enjoyed John Grant at exactly the same venue, here I am back at the Café de la Danse seing another American troubadour. One says  April is generally a  month of hope and rebirth and I guess this is the case with these two artists…

Josh T. Pearson was the leader of a band named Lift to Experience which made one very ambitious LP around ten years ago. The story that followed was unfortunately common for many bands : no success, death in the entourage, depression and split. But Josh T. Pearson’s story has been much more original and one could have written a book about it: sells everything, live in a very small town in Texas to find God again, moves to Berlin, gets married there, divorces, goes to Paris, rebuilds himself through the help of the owners of a “Créperie” restaurant (true!) and finds fans in Ireland allowing him to record this LP. Not your common rock star ego trip…

But all this would be of no interest if this record was not one of the best thing to go out for a long time. Here, he sings very long songs with minimal arrangement but with a beautiful voice, full of  passion and emotion. What explains that in the thousands of pop/folk records done for so many years, some of them manage to sound so fresh and different? Probably the story described above and the way a singer can go beyond his scars. “Last of the Country Gentlemen” is one of the first great records of the year (9/10).

Here are a few pictures I took during the show:

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2 thoughts on “Josh T. Pearson, Paris (Café de la Danse), 15th April 2011

  1. […]  Josh T. Pearson “Last Of The Country Gentlemen” A resurrection here coming from the former leader of Texas band Lift to Experience. After years spent in the wilderness and thanks in part to a Creperie (!) restaurant in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, Josh Pearson gave us this year his first solo LP, mainly acoustic and with very long but captivating songs. Click on for review of the show he did this year at the Café de la Danse in Paris. […]

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