Tindersticks, 28th April 2011, Eglise Saint Eustache, Paris

Tindersticks are one of these bands about which we do not talk a lot as we feel they are part our music background. But they really should be praised much more; their main default being probably that they did not split and reform five years later but prefer to produce constant excellent work. If you are a “musique noire” aficionado with a jazz feel, a Nick Cavish kind of mood, fit with Stuart Staples warm voice and love rich and patiently built arrangements, this is your band.

All their records are really good and if you hesitate for a starter, I would recommend one of the first two self-titled LP’s (cf. discography).

But let’s talk about the recent event in the Saint Eustache church in Paris, based in the center of the city, in Les Halles. Their concert was part of a specific month when you could find a temporary Rough Trade records shop at Agnès B. for instance. Tindersticks have been doing soundtracks for French movies director Claire Denis for many years now and this specific performance was done to play only this part of their catalogue. Set on a beautiful stage in the Church, the band played mainly instrumental songs from the movies in front of a huge screen showing excerpts from the movies. Amazing experience and not a lot of stage diving! Here are a few pictures i took :

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Please click as well on this Telerama link to view nice videos from this live performance. I personally took the following video which gives an idea of how Stuart Staples’ voice can be such a beauty. By the way, a box set has just been made avalaible with 5 CD’s of all the soundtracks of the movies (“White Material”, “Trouble every day”, etc…).

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