Bill Callahan, Café de la Danse, Paris, 20th May 2011

Another sold out show in Paris from Bill Callahan. Funny how we are living in parallel worlds as I am not sure people from my entourage would be aware of that name whereas others would not miss him for any reason, in case he would finally sing one of their favourite songs…

Excellent show anyway in a nice drums/electric guitar/acoustic guitar and voice formula, different from last time I saw him in Rock en Seine 2009. Bill Callahan has been making beautiful moving records since the 90’s first under the “Smog” label and under his own name since 2007. All albums are greatly recommended and are regularly in our “best of the year” lists. As seen in pictures show below, he was dressed as a proper showman (a suit!) in front of a great international audience going from Canada to Australia (Warren Ellis, fantastic violin and guitar player in Dirty Three/Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/Grinderman/Josh T. Pearson/etc… was in the audience).

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The set list was largely based on Bill’s latest LP “Apocalypse” that went out two months ago and is more than highly recommended. Based on seven long songs, one can find back once more the feeling of having known these songs for a very long time after two listening. This is really the mark of great artists, as is Bill Callahan’s habits in building a piece of art out of very simple raw material (an acoustic guitar mainly…). Here are two great songs I videotaped: “Two Many Birds” from “Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle” and “America” from “Apocalypse”:

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