TV On The Radio – Olympia, Paris – 13th July 2011

TV On The Radio is one of our current most cherished bands at “Virgins and Philistines”, such as, say, Radiohead or Queens of the Stone Age and we have not missed a Paris show for a long time. That was the 5th time I saw them live, including twice at the Eurockéennes de Belfort festival and I was not so sure this time before going… Why? Firstly because these were sad times for the band as their bass player Gerard Smith recently passed away and secondly because although beautiful, their new record “Nine Types of Light” was much calmer than previous ones and probably more tricky to play live and give justice to all its subtleties.

But I was entirely wrong as they play a fantastic show, with a new serenity without losing the madness and originality that make the band so special. Who are TV On The Radio? A mixed-up black and white group of great musicians lead by wiz-boy producer David Sitek on one side and the great duo of singers Kyp Malone and Tunde Adebimpe on the other side. Their music is really the best of both worlds for those who love equally at the same time indie ethereal pop rock  and soul music. I would describe them as a mix of Cocteau Twins and Marvin Gaye if such a thing can exist…

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All albums are recommended and you can click here to get full discography. Their second LP “Return to Cookie Mountain” was our 2006 Album of the Year and their third one “Dear Science” was in our 2008 Best of List as well.

Here is my video from the show with the beautiful “Love Dog” from “Dear Science”:

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