David Bowie, news from outer space: “Station to Station” reissue + “Starman” by Paul Trynka

The only way to talk and write about David Bowie in the times in which we live is to count on new products from the past as he has been living in semi-retirement since 2004 when he had a stroke and maybe realized that troubles were to come if living the same life he had for the forty past years. Our loss but probably a survival issue here…

Anyway, I warmly recommend Paul Trynka’s book “Starman”, an unauthorized biography by this Mojo magazine journalist , full of interviews and fantastic research work on Ziggy Stardust, the Dame, David Jones, the Thin White Duke,…call him whatever you want. As far as I am concerned, David Bowie is my favorite artist of all times and even if I thought to know almost everything, I knew nothing actually compared to the information one can read in this great book. All his phases are described, from his childhood, his family traumas, his first bands to the love and hate relationships he had with Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Mick Ronson, Mike Garson, Tony Visconti, Brian Eno or Reeves Gabrels, all these amazing musicians that very often acted the role of their life when playing with the great man himself. Read it even if not a David Bowie or music fan and you will discover a great personality in our blank times. And if a Bowie fan, you will enjoy every page of it!

Cover (Station to Station:David Bowie)

Station to Station“, written and produced in 1975 but out in 1976, is one of his best records, in a cocaine-mad-transitional word for Bowie between his soul NY “Young Americans” record and his so-called Berlin trilogy from 1997-1979. Bowie was at his thinnest period and notion of sleep was more a concept than a reality. However, this 6-track LP is still fascinating now as it was then, mixing post industrial and epic sounds (“Station to Station”), commercial hit (“Golden Years”), soul-funk influences (“Stay”) or a sumptuous ballad (“Wild is the Wind”). This reissue comes with the 2-CD  Nassau Coliseum ’76 concert: amazing show and please listen to the live “Stay” version if you want to know what “Virgins and Philistines” blog is all about… (10/10)

2 thoughts on “David Bowie, news from outer space: “Station to Station” reissue + “Starman” by Paul Trynka

  1. […] First note that no pictures are allowed in the exhibition, which is a good thing… and means you have to read this article! This exhibition had been forecast for a long time and the fact that David Bowie came back out of nowhere to announce his new LP “The Next Day” in January and then published it in March was a pure coincidence. Of course, he had nicely allow the exhibition’s curators to use all costumes, suits, clothes…and dresses he had worn throughout his career but nobody was aware of such a come-back. David Bowie is therefore again everywhere now whereas I remember the time when we all thought he had disappeared from public and artistic life. […]

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