Okkervil River, Café de la Danse, Paris, 16th November 2011

It has been a while since I was eager to have a chance to see Will Sheff and his band live and I finally succeeded in seeing them. Okkervil River, like their twin band Shearwater have been a quite recent discovery for me in the sense that I did not follow them since day one and discovered them after they did a few LP’s.

Okkervil River is from Austin, Tx (once more – I guess I would do a special feature on Austin bands in a near future…) and are part of this “grower” bands which taste go inside you little by little and with time, like great wine if I may have this easy metaphor… Their forte is of course their leader who at first sight is not the most charismatic frontperson ever but reveals himself indeed when on stage with a fantastic presence. His voice is wonderful as well and is for me the best instrument of the band, helping them all to give their best.

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I was therefore expecting a very good show but found much better as I did not expect such energetic behaviour from Will and his band on stage. Their latest LP “I Am Very Far” is excellent and should not be far from our 2011 Top 15. Please click to read excellent review on Robert’s blog. The following video I took should give you a more precise idea about what I am writing about.

Last minute! Okkervil River was playing the following week in the UK and in Bristol in particular on the 21st. Go to Robert’s blog to get the show review.

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