Daniel Darc en trio acoustique, Collège des Bernardins, Paris, 7th December 2011

Not sure if this relevant to write in English this review of Daniel Darc’s recent show as he is not famous outside of France…but as music is universal and as he should be known everywhere, let’s go for it !

Daniel Darc was the lead singer of 80’s French pop band Taxi Girl known by a whole generation of party goers at that time (the other core member of the band was Mirwais who went on being famous later when producing Madonna’s best ever LP “Music” in 2000). After the band disbanded and a regular start of solo career, things went adrift and Daniel Darc began his dark years (lost, drug-addicted, homeless,…) and disappeared from the music world (and almost from life as we know it).

Like just a few beautiful losers and a few great artists, Daniel Darc came back from the dead, thanks to the help of Frédéric Lo and went back in 2004 with a great LP named “Crèvecoeur”. Next LP “Amours Suprêmes” was even better mixing poetic lyrics, great music and pure emotion (in our 2008 Best of and very close to the top). A new record just went out a few weeks ago (“la taille de mon âme” – the size of my soul) and will be for sure in our Best of 2011 list to come.

He was playing this week for two nights in the “Collège des Bernardins” which is an old abbey situated in the Latin Quarter in Paris, heart of the city. The stage was actually under the roof in a marvelous hall and you may catch the rose window in the picture above-right. Why so? Well, for a kind of theme called Sacred Monsters dedicated to a few famous artists whose faith is not a secret. Daniel Darc found faith in Protestantism to get away from his dark demons but one can not help wondering if what gets him may not be the beauty of psalms he regularly reads during his performance rather than actual faith. But who are we to know?

However, amazing acoustic show with Daniel singing and playing harmonica plus his two great musicians on keyboards/piano and viola/guitar. The guy is obviously still out there and his body holds all this difficult years but what a feeling of emotion and greatness during a whole show… Not sure I already experienced such a thing live before. Go and see Daniel Darc if he plays near where you live and get back to your inner feelings for an hour and a half.

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