Thurston Moore, Paris, Gaité Lyrique, 11th december 2011

Exactly four years that day since I last saw the Sonic Youth leader, Thurston Moore was presenting his latest LP “Demolished Thoughts” to the Parisian audience in the black cube of the “Gaité Lyrique”. Amidst communication that his married relationship with Kim Gordon was over (therefore giving uncertainties to the future of the band), Thurston appeared with a tie and jacket (full of tissues, peppermint, medicine,…well everything except the guitar pick he was looking for!) with four other musicians in a singular band composition : two acoustic guitars, a harp, a violin and a drummer. The guy was as funny as always, pulling the leg of his drummer calling him a communist (the red guitar pick!) or introducing him as the famous Johnny Rotten on drums.

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His last LP is really nice and peaceful, which is a rare thing for a Sonic Youth member. It is produced by Beck and one can feel the relaxed mood for which the producer has been famous with in his recent work. However, even if music was nice and all, something was missing and almost a bit boring sometimes. The worst tracks were the ones where he did the usual Sonic Youth feedback never-ending tricks, which for me did not work out of the electric context. However, when the songs were short and concise, there was a real craftmanship and a few of them were really great. Here is the video I took of the song “January” :

A mixed concert then to finish the year as indeed that was the last show review of the year. I hope you my beloved blog-readers enjoyed reading them all as much as I did writing them, with little talent but great passion and enthusiasm!

Stay tuned though for the last post of the year that will come soon, the one the whole world is looking for : I am talking about the famous best-of-the year LIST! Coming soon!

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