Jonathan Wilson, Paris, Divan du Monde, 12th February 2012

From Laurel Park in the L.A. California neighbourhood, Jonathan Wilson is an arranger, composer and guitarist/singer who published his first LP last year. One can not say that he is a real newcomer on the music scene as he is in his mid-30’s and worked with many bands or artists we cherished but “Gentle Spirit” was a true surprise for me when it came out in 2011 and it definitely made our Top 20 Best of 2011 list.

The show he played last week in Paris was on par with the excellence of the album, mixing a laid-back attitude with great musicianship and emotion throughout long but direct songs. The Paris show was the last date of the tour and the guys were delighted to be here and played with great enthusiasm.

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Not much else to say except that I recommend this album for any music lover (and for those who like Neil Young in particular!). Please find his Facebook link as well where you will find lots of interesting stuff :!/songsofjw

Last minute addition : Jonathan and his band played a 3-track private session before the show for Télérama ; click on this link and appreciate in HD the musicality of this artist.

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