Wilco, Grand Rex, Paris, 5th March 2012

At last! Your host has been a Wilco fan for more than ten years now and I always missed the opportunity to see them live although I had seen many live shows on screen and knew that the band were as good as they are on records. And on top of this, they do not come very often to our nice country as this is true we have a President who has Enrico Macias in his playlist whereas Wilco are in Barack’s one ; spot the difference…

Wilco has been created in 1994 by Jeff Tweedy, formerly co-leader of Uncle Tupelo with Jay Farrar, in an alternative country-rock style, as can be heard on the first two LP’s. Excellent for sure but this band really went a step forward when they incorporated experimentation in their songs in the next LP’s. They have today an impressive catalogue of songs with a strong duality (melody/experimentation) that pleases at the same time the classic American rock fan and, say, the Radiohead one. Jeff Tweedy himself is an interesting personality, looking like your day-to-day friend or neighbour but with a painkiller addiction since young which made him different basically. One can feel a great thinking in his music but with a great musicianship too, helped for this by ones of the best musicians today in the world of pop/rock music (drummer Glen Kotche and experimental guitarist Nels Cline being both particularly amazing).

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So here I was, expecting to see at last one of my favourite bands ever… and gosh what a band live! Even better than I thought it would have been. Two fantastic hours of great songs to hum with on top these crazy moments we all like in rock. Only bad point was these stupid security guys forbidding the audience to step up from their seats during the first hour of the show ; ludicrous to say the least…

I will soon do a “record by record” post about Wilco but you could buy any album in particular and the recent ones have all been in our best-of lists (2007, 2009 & 2011). As you are nice readers as well, here is an opportunity to seem them in the Grand Rex with the private session they did for Télérama before the show with two tracks from their new LP. Click on their Facebook link as well to see complete setlist of the show.

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