Du bon New Order, camarade ! New Order, Fête de l’Humanité, La Courneuve, 14th September 2012

If I still had the slightest chance to receive any family inheritance, it has then completely disappeared since last Friday night… Here I was, spending my 24 EUR (for the three days of festival!) to see one of my favourite bands ever which I had not seen live for 25 years at the Fête de l’Humanité, near the Bourget airport in the suburbs of Paris. For those of you not familiar with the subtleties of the French media, l’Humanité used to be the propaganda newspaper of the French Communist Party when such a thing existed. It is now I think the left-front daily newspapers and they are organizing as they do year on year at back-to-school period 3 days of meetings, music…and drinking. I must say that I had not seen so many drunk people at a rock show for a long time but the mood of the event was really nice and people really friendly and communicating a lot one with another.

But the only reason I was there was New Order of course (enjoy the amusing part of their name, which had been influenced by the worts part of the 20th century history in such a place….). Probably the only band ever whose members were part of two history-making bands (Joy Division and New Order), they have reformed last year for a few shows and go on playing live here and there. So, of course, the years passed and they are not physically fit as they used to be (who is anyway?), of course Bernard Sumner’s voice is still not the strongest asset of the band, of course they do not talk anymore to bass player formidable Peter Hook who is apart now, etc… But still, that was a great show in front of an enthusiastic mixed crowd where the band played all these fantastic rock/dance songs which are really their signature and could make them being identified out of millions of bands. After a nice slow-growing start, the show took off thanks to a sublime version of “True Faith” before such classics as “The Perfect Kiss“, “Blue Monday“, “Ceremony“, “Temptation” etc… Amazing and very moving encore as well when they played “Love Will Tear Us Apart“, the Joy Division song which is one of the anthem of our times…

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