Radiohead, Paris Bercy, 12th October 2012

Radiohead is the band or artist I have seen the most in my humble music-lover life as this Bercy show was my 7th Radiohead concert, starting in 1996 at La Cigale, Paris when they were touring their LP “The Bends”. The reason is probably due to the fact they do not tour as much as they used to, meaning I really try to catch them live when possible as their sets are always a rewarding experience.

What makes Radiohead so good on records but live as well ? :

– first and without a shadow of a doubt the freshness of their music and the choices they did in the past in not being another “expected” band such as, say, your Coldplay or Muse. Every record has been a radical change from the previous one and although it might appear not natural for a few followers and critics and even a gimmick per se, it really put the band aside from many of their contemporaries. Radiohead’s music is the pure opposite of boredom and their ambition is a thing to cherish ;

– secondly, the members on the band have all great personalities and craftmanship. Of course, Thom Yorke is somehow the lead figure of the band but Radiohead is one of the few bands whose members’ names I can all remember. And Jonny Greenwood is a fucking amazing musician on stage…

– their shows are always interesting visually speaking and bring a great mix of music and lights.

So, how was Bercy 2012? Well, excellent thank you very much : a great setlist (including songs from all LP’s from “The Bends” onwards), an amazing contribution from Clive Deamer the second stage drummer, a tremendous light show based on demultiplying screens and above all a sense that the guys were really happy to be here and play, sharing their enthusiasm with a few French words! So I guess see you soon for my 8th time…

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