TOP 100 Artists/Bands of all Times : 71 – 75

Nothing better than another Top 100 chapter to start the year with!

75. Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters / Sun Kill Moon)

from : San Francisco, California, USA / first great sounds : 90’s / style : beautiful miserable rock / essential albums : Red House Painters (I) (1993) , Red House Painters (II) (1993)

One of the artist your host has been following constantly since having discovered Red House Painters in the start of the 90’s. Mark Kozelek has later kept on doing the same melancholic record either under his own name or under the disguise of Sun Kill Moon. Beautiful depressing music that could only have come from San Francisco. For movies specialist, Mark was the bass player in the fictional band Stillwater in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous movie.

74. Johnny Cash

 from : Kingsland, Arizona, USA  / first great sounds : 50’s  / style : the essence of music / essential albums : Sun Records period (50’s), American Recordings period (2000-2010)

The Godfather of all rock music, leader of a thousand lives, firm religious man, junkie, loving husband and father, violent self-destructive soul, Johnny Cash was all at the same time. His personality went beyond the music world and one can say he was one of the great man of the 20th century. Amazing and very moving late career as well when, with the help of producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin, he made fantastic covers’ records.

73. Public Enemy

Image result for public enemy 1987 from : Garden Coty, NY, USA / first great sounds : 80’s  / style : hip hop/ essential albums : It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us back (1988) / Fear of a Black Planet (2009)

THE best hip hop band ever, no contest. I remember very well the first time I put the needle on Public Enemy’ first LP after having read that NME had made it LP of the year : I must say a) that was a never heard before kind of music b) they scared the shit out of me… Tremendous music that has not aged one second. In the late 80’s, listening to Chuck D’s rhymes was like watching black CNN…

72. David Sylvian (Japan)

 from : London, England/ first great sounds : 70’s  / style : dreamy melodic rock  / essential album : Brilliant Trees (1984), Secrets of the Beehive (1987)

David Sylvian formed Japan in the 70’s with his brother Steve Jansen on drums and the late great Mick Karn on bass. Their music was equally influenced by the post-punk mood, glam rock bands and oriental sounds. His best work was without any doubt the solo records that he did just after Japan disbanded as he mixed there his pop influences with lazy jazz and ambient sounds. He is still performing today and does very interesting improvised music.

71. John Cale

 from : Garnant, Wales / first great sounds : 60’s  / style : all of them! / essential albums : Paris 1919 (1973), Songs for Drella (with Lou Reed) (1990), Fragments of a Rainy Season (live) (1992)

Why is John Cale in my Top 100? Because he was the founder of The Velvet Underground with Lou Reed ? Because he worked on great records with Brian Eno ? Or because he produced great records by Patti Smith, The Stooges, The Modern Lovers, Nick Drake or Happy Mondays ? Not at all. Just because he did tremendous solo records on his own, mixing piano ballads with furious noisy tracks.

4 thoughts on “TOP 100 Artists/Bands of all Times : 71 – 75

  1. […] For those not familiar with that name, you should know that Mr. K. has been a major artist now for around twenty-five years. Although one could blame him for doing the same depressed folk grungey kind of song, one has to recognize first that this same song is particularly beautiful, funny, moving and greatly melodic and secondly that Mark Kozelek has brought changes recently in his music, playing with different peers (please refer to our 2013 Best of list where the man was particularly well represented). For this blog, this man is unmissable and number 75 in our all-times TOP 100. […]

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