TOP 100 Artists/Bands of all Times : 56 – 60

I know, I know, the working week is tough without a new episode of our TOP 100 but here is your reward.

60. Robert Wyatt

 from : Bristol, England / first great sounds : 60’s / style : delicate protest songs / essential albums : Rock Bottom (1974) , Old Rottenhat (1985)

There are basically two periods concerning Robert Wyatt : the first one when he was party-beast drummer in jazz-rock British ensemble The Soft Machine and the second one when he became the man of a beautiful voice and inventive keyboards sounds after being paralyzed from the waist down due to him falling down from a window at one party too many. His oeuvre is unique and can not be linked with that of any other musicians due to the kind of music he plays. Very much on the left side politically speaking, Robert has been showing all his life how to make beautiful and sensitive protest music.

59. Jeff Buckley

 from : Orange County, California, USA  / first great sounds : 90’s / style : sensitive authentic rock / essential album : Grace (1994)

Jeff Buckley would probably be rated much higher here if he had been able to have a longer career. Son of the great Tim Buckley, him passing away in 1997 was probably the saddest news in the history of rock music such was his talent. At the same time very much respectful and passionate about his predecessors, he was still able to bring something new and fresh in his music. Grace is a perfect debut album although I must admit that listening to it is a mix of pleasure and sadness.

58. The Clash

from : London, England / first great sounds : 70’s / style : punk rock / essential albums : The Clash (1977) / London Calling (1979)

Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Topper Headon, The Clash is one of these bands when you can give the musicians’ names at a glance so great were their personalities and crafts. With Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks, The Clash were the leaders of the UK punk movement of the late 70’s but they were more than that. With Strummer and Jones, they had two amazing songwriters and with Simonon and Headon, they had one of the best rhythm sections ever (although the first one basically learnt bass when playing the first shows!). Authenticity, conquering the US, drugs’ abuse, friendship, betrayal, redemption, their own story is one of the greatest ever written as well.

57. Arcade Fire

Image result for arcade fire live 2007 from : Montreal, Canada / first great sounds : 00’s  / style : hyper-enthusiastic rock  / essential albums : Funeral (2004), The Suburbs (2010) / Click for more on the blog

Arcade Fire came out of nowhere in 2004 with their first LP “Funeral” and the least one can say is that this album made a strong impact in the rock world. There are one of these rare bands that succeed in bringing together the general non-music-lovers’ audience, the rock critics, their peers and your regular indie-rock fan (hello me!). The best environment to enjoy Arcade Fire is to see them on stage as I defy anyone to resists to such enthusiastic songs!

56. Primal Scream

 from : Glasgow, Scotland / first great sounds : 80’s  / style : screamadelica / essential albums : Screamadelica (1991), Vanishing Point (1997) / Click for more on the blog : complete discographylive

Virgins and Philistines avid followers will not be surprised to see Primal Scream in our TOP 100 thanks to the different posts we have already done about this great band and their leader Bobby Gillespie in particular. I would only recommend once more to listen again and again to “Screamadelica” if you want to feel the hedonism and positive feeling that one could find in the music business in the UK in the early 90’s. Don’t fight it, feel it!

5 thoughts on “TOP 100 Artists/Bands of all Times : 56 – 60

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