Record Store Day : my Paris experience, Fargo Store

Or “Disquaire Day” if we want to get the precise froggy semi-translation. Record Store Day is an event that has been taken place since 2008 in the USA and UK and arrived on our French shores in 2011, making this year’s event the third edition. When it was created five years ago, the idea was to help all the independent record stores still existing by requesting artists and labels to create specific records that you could only find on this particular day and in very limited editions. We are talking here about nice reissues, coloured vinyls or even songs done especially for this day. The principle is easy and egalitarian : better to arrive early and first come, first served! I can hear the standard reader telling me : “what, queueing to buy vinyl in this digital age ? Are you nuts ? Me, I am very smart and through Spotify or else I can have access to any songs in the world anytime !”. Well, my friend, not sure you have to read more here, except this : there is a great chance that your musical taste sucks, mate !

I did the first edition two years ago through different Parisian stores and did not manage to do it last year ; 2013 was my revenge and I decided this year to go to the beautiful Fargo Store, held by great Austin fanatic Michel Pampelune, who owns as well the Fargo label (Jesse Sykes, Andrew Bird, Joseph Arthur, Neal Casal, etc…). Their Facebook page had been posting all week long with photos of goods arriving, making it an exciting and good teasing. As the store was to open at 10 am (one hour earlier than usual), I planned to arrive there at 9.30 am, which I did… but around fifty people were already there! Amazing to see so many people queueing up to buy a few expensive pieces of music plastic but what a pleasure. Very nice but freezing (8°C) mood in the street as I guess we were around 120 people waiting to be able to get into the shop. After 1h 30 minutes of queue and a few slices of cake given generously by Michel and his staff, I finally entered the shop at around 11 am and woaah, so many amazing records! Although I missed a few very limited ones already bought by the first clients (The Black Keys, Stephen Malkmus playing Can, Shearwater,…), here are the records I have been lucky enough to find :

  • 7 inches : Elliott Smith alternate tracks from “Either/Or” ; Benjamin Biolay 3-7″ remixes set ; Paul Weller “Sonik Kicks” 5-7″ Singles Collection ; Phoenix new single “Entertainment” in marble coloured vinyl
  • LP’s : The Apartments “Seven Songs” recent sessions for the Label Pop show ; Built to Spill “Live” 2-LP reissue (FAN-TAS-TIC!), Low + Dirty Three gold coloured vinyl ; Big Star 2-LP compilation and last but not least a special 10-year edition of Elephant by the White Stripes in a 2-LP version (one white vinyl and the other one black and red!).

Great success for the shop and nice moment ; already looking forward to freezing outside a record store in April 2014!

One thought on “Record Store Day : my Paris experience, Fargo Store

  1. Belle moisson !
    Question :
    Comment les détaillants évitent que les premiers clients arrivés ne fassent l’acquisition de l’ensemble de ces raretés ?
    Un quota d’achat par personne est-il mis en place ?
    La rareté de ces objets rend tentante la démarche de spéculation, même parmi un public de passionnés.

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