Three musicians and a leader : The Stone Roses, Paris, la Cigale, 4th June 2013

The Stone Roses reformed last year in the UK for massive shows. Their come-back is a beautiful story as their common career had not ended nicely. Seeing them back again together brings hope to the nature of the human being. They have been smart enough to realize theirs was unfinished business and put their ego behind them. This introduction might seem to you pseudo philosophical but it is essential to know about these facts to understand what this band is about and personally rarely had I felt such a feeling of love on stage. Yes, really…

Mani, La Cigale, 2013 Reni, La Cigale, 2013 John Squire, La Cigale, 2013 Ian Brown, La Cigale, 2013

Back to facts and music now!

  • The crowd : 50% of British citizens, out of which 99% of Northern guys (a few of them wearing the traditional Reni hat), living the time of their lives by seeing their favourite band in such a tiny place. Great atmosphere by the way with the crowd singing every hit song
  • The set list : fantastic ! Starting as usual with “I Wanna Be Adored”, with all the hits, an amazing 15-minute (?) version of “Fool’s Gold” and of course “I Am The Resurrection” as grand finale to finish the set with. I realized as well how good the songs from the “Second Coming” LP were and this is clearly an album to (re)discover
  • The band : this is quite simple here as we have three musical geniuses and one leader. Reni on drums = amazing funky/rock feeling ; Mani on bass = the rhythm machine ; John Squire on guitar = the kind of guy you would like to listen to endlessly such his skills are great. So now to Ian Brown… yes, indeed, his voice might not be the high point of the band but I must say it was quite ok that night and overall he clearly is the one leading the band with his charisma. In other words, this band is great and part of music history and would have been nothing alike without the four members.

Get over this current trend of comeback hype as this band really deserves full respect. And the guys were as thin as they used to be, which is not always the case for these types of moments (hello Pixies !).

The Stone Roses, La Cigale, 2013

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