Big bands, small places : Queens of the Stone Age, Paris, Trianon, 19th June 2013 / The National, Paris, Point Ephémère, 24th June 2013

Two very good initiatives from these two great bands : before coming back to Paris in November in the middle of a proper tour, let’s meet the fans in small theatres and show them how we rock. Same principle : tickets on sale at noon sharp, both shows sold out in 15 seconds, one guest maximum and ID requested when entering the theatre. And yes, I must admit I have been fast to get my tickets !

QOTSA Paris June 2013 : band & logo

It had been a long time since I had enjoyed seeing Queens of the Stone Age on stage and the excitement was there, especially as it was my first experience of the band in a relatively small theatre. They are back with a gorgeous new LP (with many guests playing on it, including Sir Elton John –  no kidding) but moreover their leader Josh Homme is back with a new enthusiasm after having a near-death experience a couple of years ago following a complicated surgery.

As in every tour after a new album, the band faces always slight changes and this time we were having a new excellent drummer (Jon Theodore) replacing the great Joey Castillo who apparently ended up on bad terms with Josh Homme. This is always difficult to fully enjoy a set based on a new LP as one does not know already all its subtleties. The new tracks were really great however and bringing an excellent balance with the more famous ones. Amazing how this band keeps up growing and getting more and more popular ; who would have thought about it a few years ago?

QOTSA Paris June 2013 : Josh Homme

Go and get the record and come back to see them in November, such QOTSA are an incredible band on stage.

The National, Paris, June 2013 (Band)

Talking about tiny places, nothing beats the Point Ephémère ! This concert was really a last-minute surprise. The band had to cancel their Istanbul concert due to the demonstrations and riots that were occurring in Turkey and rather than taking a day off throughout their European tour, they decided to enjoy a small show with their French fans and Parisian friends. One of the two Dessner twins (sorry, I still did not manage to tell who is whom between both…) told us the story in a perfect French accent.

The National, Paris, June 2013 (Dessner & Devendorf)

Like for QOTSA, The National just had a new great LP out but I did not have the time to listen to it more than three times. Same feeling however of great new songs reaching the same level of excellence as their former catalogue. Their singer Matt Berninger was on top form and I had forgotten how intense the guy was on stage, being able to have an hyper-sensitivity through slow songs or singing in the audience like a lunatic.

The National, Paris, June 2013 (Matt Berninger)

Fantastic and very moving show for this band which is as well growing up with every album and new tour but still keeping their easiness and humility. Being Barack Obama’s favourite band is probably an asset… They will be back in Paris in November ; go and see them!

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