Nine Inch Nails – Rock en Seine Festival – 24th August 2013

Trent Reznor, day

Always a good drug against depression to finish summer holidays with the Rock en Seine festival in the beautiful Saint Cloud Park near Paris. Lineup was excellent this year although the three days were not very well balanced to my mind (basically, you had difficult choices to do on Friday and very often…no real choice on Sunday).

Many great shows however this year (Johnny Marr, Franz Ferdinand, Phoenix, Eels for instance amongst others) but the real stars were by far Nine Inch Nails as far as I am concerned.

Band on stage

Trent Reznor had doubt about the future of his band and the great 2009 tour was called the “say hello wave goodbye” tour. He then went on concentrating on new challenges such as the soundtracks of the two latest great David Fincher’s movies (“The Social Network” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), got married and formed the low-key band How To Destroy Angels with wife and friends. However, after once again collaborating on a couple of songs with different collaborators, he realized that nothing was a good as his former band and here you are with a new Nine Inch Nails tour and record (out next week on the 3rd of september).

Trent Reznor, night

…and what a tour! I had been watching the August Lolapallooza show in Chicago which was fully available on YouTube and I was nothing more than flabbergasted by the intensity and musicality of it. I was therefore expecting with excitement my 4th NIN concert in Rock en Seine and the least I can say is that we the audience have been rewarded. Amazing quality all throughout the show with beautiful light and vision effects (but maybe not recommended for people with risks of epilepsy…).

His current band is full of energy and excellent and the setlist was a dream come true mixing tracks from all periods, from 1989’s Pretty Hate Machine to the next new LP. A bit frustrated as everyone probably by the duration of the show (1h15m) as often the case in festivals, where bands have to respect the schedule. But seeing again live the last track of the show “Hurt” as sung by its creator was very emotional as always.


This band is a treasure that you should all discover if not done yet and get over the pseudo “industrial tag” often put on them. Trent Reznor’s songs are beautiful, lively, energetic, poetic ; isn’t it what we are all looking for in our lives?

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