The importance of being Built To Spill, La Maroquinerie, Paris, 20th September 2013

Back again at La Maroquinerie, probably my favourite gig’s place in Paris… to see one of my favourite bands.

Built To Spill, Paris 2013, band

This comment is probably to strong ; Built to Spill and their leader Doug Martsch have been doing excellent and solid records for years now but remain to my mind in the “very good” category. On stage though, this is something else and they really achieve greatness. This is not a coincidence that their best records by far is “Live” from 2000.

Built To Spill, Paris 2013, Doug Martsch on guitar

Disco Doom (from Switzerland) opened in a very nice way before leaving the stage to Built To Spill who tuned themselves their instruments as they usually do. No roadie there and mixed feelings in seeing such an experienced band doing it this way. Musicians are no millionaires anymore so one can really feel these guys being passionate as their first day to keep on doing it with such dedication.

Built To Spill, Paris 2013, drums and guitar

Excellent show at la Maroquinerie with the band playing songs from all stages and records of their career. Theirs is a mix of classic American guitar rock but Doug’s voice is what makes it different such beautiful it is. Built To Spill have great songs on their own but they are quite famous for their choices of covers and they way they make these songs truly theirs. Tonight was not different and their setlist was incorporating songs from Captain Beefheart, The Clash and moreover an amazing encore of The SmithsHow Soon is Now“.

Built To Spill, Paris 2013, Doug Martsch singing

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