Wild Beasts, Paris Trabendo, 16th April 2014

Wild Beasts, Trabendo 2014, blue mood

Wild Beasts is probably one of the most interesting and original current bands and the whole editorial team decided to catch them live again in Paris in a much different environment compared to Austin City Limits 2011 when they were actually our start of three great days (ah…the sun, the Austin atmosphere, the cold beers,…).

What makes this band different is that they brought from a relatively straightforward rock structure in the tradition of many great British bands their personality through the rich and falsetto respective voices of Tom Fleming and Hayden Thorpe. On top of this, their path has not been a direct one and the more they make records and shows, the more one feel their will to experiment but once again within the scope of beautiful melodies.

Wild Beasts, Trabendo 2014, Hayden Thorpe

The Trabendo Hall was not sold out for the show which was a pity but as well lead to a great and friendly atmosphere between the band and the audience as that night was their last concert of their European tour. The band played greatly all along the show and as often in such cases having two different voices complementing and challenging each other is a real asset. One coud feel throughout the concert that these guys are more than a bunch of musicians gathering for the sake of playing music and that they really make music to go forward and try to add up a tiny layer of excellence in the long history of great bands.

Wild Beasts, Trabendo 2014, drum'n'bass

All their LP’s are really recommended ; Two Dancers” in 2009 and “Smother” in 2011 were part of our end-of-the-year best of’s and new LP “Present Tense” is excellent as well. Catch them up live if you can as well as I think they will tour the summer festivals.

Wild Beasts, Trabendo 2014, Tom Fleming


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