Metronomy, 28th April 2014, Paris, Zénith…clean and sharp !

Metronomy, Paris, April 2014, band

Although one of this blog cherished band for a few years, this was my first actual live Metronomy experience.

Metronomy, Paris, April 2014, singing

The band led by Joseph Mount is probably one of the most original amongst their contemporaries and they way their sound has developed from electro DIY melodies to what it is now is quite impressive. Describing it with words is not easy as well and the best I could do would be to mix Tamla Motown sound with Hot Chip euphoria and a Prefab Sprout sense of melody. It looks I just created a monster..but bear with me as frankly this band is really great.

Metronomy, Paris, April 2014, keyboards

The band was in a 5-musician mode on stage in a sold-out Zénith to present their new album “Love Letters” just made recently available. To my mind, although different, this new LP is as good as their previous one “The French Riveria“. And let’s not forget that the latest was our album of the year in our 2011 best-of! The were all dressed in the same outfit which is something nice and once again gives a wink to the best bands of the Motown era. They now succeed to be at the same time at ease and excellent on stage while keeping their singularity of playing a very sharp kind of pop music which is not stadium-oriented as lots of other bands awfully do.

Metronomy, Paris, April 2014, drums'n'bass

Great musicianship as well and my favourite band member was by far the amazing  Olugbenga Adelekan from Nigeria on bass. Setlist here.

2 thoughts on “Metronomy, 28th April 2014, Paris, Zénith…clean and sharp !

  1. Je suis allé les voir à Bruxelles, à l’Ancienne Belgique… Une déception pour moi. J’ai trouvé le concert plat et mou hélas… loin de l’impression que m’avait laissé the English Riviera….

  2. […]  Metronomy “Love Letters” Their former record “The English Riviera” was our LP of the year in 2011 and remains without any doubt in the Top 10 record of the 2010’s. Their latest LP did not have the same immediate sense of greatness but was one of these records rewarding you little by little. Great and simple melodies and a “je ne sais quoi” that made it part of this list without any doubt. Live review here. […]

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