Spoon, London Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 7th November 2014

Spoon, Shepherd's Bush Empire, Band

God how I like this city! There are literally great concerts to attend on a daily basis and the good thing is that sometimes great events occur very near where you live as this is the case with the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, one of the best theatres in London. That was my second Spoon show ; this American band being one of my favourites ever, ranked # 88 in this blog’s Top 100. Last time I saw them was in Paris at the Elysée Montmartre, just before this theatre burnt in flames. It has been remaining closed until now and I hope I will not bring back luck to the Shepherd’s Bush Empire…

Hamilton Leithauser

The opening act was Hamilton Leithauser, former singer with the excellent The Walkmen, whose last LP was one of the best of 2012 but it looks the band is now on hiatus, as is the current correct way of saying “separated”… He played songs from his first LP with just another guitarist and I found the show quite sad, first because the songs are beautiful and intimate but as well because this is always a bit moving to see someone with a career already behind them starting from scratch and having to prove to the audience how good they are.

Spoon, Shepherd's Bush Empire, Jim Eno

Spoon arrived on stage with what one could really perceive enthusiasm and pleasure in presenting to the UK audience (well, probably half of them being Americans…) their new songs for the very good recent “They Want My Soul” LP. For those not familiar with the music of Spoon, you probably actually are if you are a series’ freak as their songs are often used in the best ones of the last years. Theirs is a mix of very easy listening American pop with a real talent for memorable melodies and more ambitious and looping/repetitive music. In other words, the best of both worlds for a band particularly at ease and giving their best on stage.

Spoon, Shepherd's Bush Empire, Britt Daniel

Great show with a very responsive audience and a set list well-balanced between the new album and their incredibly good old songs.

2 thoughts on “Spoon, London Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 7th November 2014

  1. […]   Spoon “They Want My Soul” This Austin, Texas band keeps on making excellent records on an impressive regular basis and one can only appreciate the fact that Spoon start to get more and more famous over their historic fan-base. In line with this year’s selection which has been strongly based on melodic songs-oriented artists, to my mind this is impossible not to like their mix of krautrock and catchy songs. Live review here. […]

  2. […] So indeed great expectations from this gig as you may guess, knowing that the band have indeed more and more followers, a bit like R.E.M. had in the past before becoming massive. Held in the nice Kentish Town area and in the excellent Forum theatre, I found the band even better that my first gig in 2014 at the Shepherds Bush Empire. […]

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