Festive season ! The Cure, London Eventim Apollo, 21st December 2014

The Cure, London Apollo, 21st December 2014, Full band

The Cure are now a band out of the regular record/promotion/tour biz mindset and as often been the case in these last years, their leader Robert Smith is quite creative to choose nice ideas to please the fans and do things his way. Hence the fact that the band decided to play three shows in a row just before Christmas in the magical Apollo theatre. I had personally taken note of these shows a bit late as they were sold out in the matter of a few minutes. However, tenacity is probably one of the strengths of this blog and I finally succeeded in getting tickets for the opening night.

Saying I was overwhelmed by joy is probably an understatement as The Cure have been one of my favourite bands ever and they are particularly GREAAAAAT on stage. They were my first show ever (buying my own ticket) in 1985 but that was only my fourth show this time despite my trying to see them again on stage after their fantastic 3h30 show in Paris Bercy in 2008.

The Cure, London Apollo, 21st December 2014, Robert Smith and Simon Gallup

One of the most common remarks when talking about The Cure is hearing comments such as “they still exist?” or associating them with the 80’s. Nonsense of course as if one can not deny a slight feeling of nostalgia, this is not really what is important here. What matters is the power of music, creativity, believing in your values and overall bearing one’s burden with dignity and passion throughout the years… basically everything for which music stands for.

On top of Robert Smith, The Cure current members are Simon Gallup on bass (he played of course his famous “dam-dam” “A Forest” signature), smiling Roger O’Donnell on keyboards, youngest band member Jason Cooper on drums and last but not least the extraordinary American guitar player Reeves Gabrels, famous for his work with David Bowie.

The Cure, London Apollo, 21st December 2014, Robert Smith & Reeves Gabrels

I was expecting a great show… and it was even better. Starting with “Shake Dog Shake“, Robert Smith was on amazing form, singing better than ever and playing all his repertoire from great obscure B-sides to fantastic famous pop songs like “The Walk” for instance. My personal favourite was “from the Edge of the Green Deep Sea” from the album “Wish” due to his repetitive mantra and power. Interesting to notice that they band played all ten tracks from the luminous “The Top” LP from 1984 ; I guess they will do the same tonight and tomorrow for the other dates for other LP’s.

To summarise it in a nutshell, I probably had the best three hours of my 2014 year yesterday evening… Please click for setlist and review of the show.

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