Springtime is the right time! Swervedriver, 27th May, Scala & José Gonzalez, 28th May 2015, Shepherd’s Bush Empire – London

Probably nothing in common between this English band and this Swedish singer apart from the fact their music is excellent… so let’s go for the review of their respective shows :

  • Swervedriver, 27th May 2015, Scala

From England, Swervedriver was one of the best bands of the 90’s, mixing the shoegazing scene style of the times with a sensitivity on melodies and “on-the -road” anthems. Theirs is the perfect music to listen to when on the drive. All their records are more than recommended but the way they start their career was one of the more impressive ones of that era with the three beautiful and powerful “Son of Mustang Ford“, “Rave Down” and “Sandblasted” EP’s.

Swervedriver, London Scala 2015, full band

After a long hiatus, the band have started to play together here and there in the last years but 2015 is marking a real step upwards with the new excellent “I Wasn’t Born To Lose You” LP. Funny to think that Ride, the other band they were associated with on the legendary Creation label, are currently doing a come back this year too. This was actually the first time I went to see this band on stage and although the guys are not that charismatic and really concentrated in their music, I must say that was one of my best shows in recent times.

Swervedriver, London Scala 2015, Adam Franklin

It probably came equally from the coziness of the Scala venue near Kings Cross St Pancras and from the great set they play mixing equally recent songs and the former great ones they created in the 90’s. Nice to see all the smiling faces in the audience enjoying these dreamy songs.

  • José Gonzalez, 28th May 2015, Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Quite different picture the next day, going from a real electric guitar-oriented band to a folk atmosphere with the talented Swede. I am personally more a fan on José Gonzalez in his Junip incarnation when he mixes his folk sensitivity with a repetitive and kraut sound.

José Gonzalez, London 2015, full band

But still, seeing him as such was a real pleasure so gentle and delicate his music is. I was particularly impressed by his gift in playing so nicely the acoustic guitar. The crowd was great as well, cheering like hell, recognizing every intro of the majority of songs and not only his famous cover of “Heartbeats” by his compatriots The Knife. A evening of calm, beauty and rest ; who would want for more?

José Gonzalez, London 2015, mountains


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