Age does not matter – Crosby, Stills and Nash, 13th September 2015, Eventim Apollo – The Zombies, 10th November 2015, The Forum

Dedicated to those who perished simply by watching one of their favourite bands and who just wanted to get a good time. The Charlatans, Suede, Pavement, Sufjan Stevens, TV on the Radio, Yo La Tengo, LCD Soundsystem, Paul Weller, MGMT, The Black Keys, Mercury Rev, Echo and the Bunnymen,…all these artists I had the pleasure to see at the Bataclan. Let’s never forget what happened.

Is it really worth keeping on making rock and pop music when you are getting close or over 70 ? What about the quality of the music ? And what about the fans and the audience ; what do we expect from such concerts ? These are a few questions I always have in mind when facing such gigs. The two reviews below should bring a few answers to these interrogations…

  • Crosby, Stills & Nash – Eventim Apollo, London, 13th September 2015
 That was actually my second concert of Crosby, Stills & Nash and I must say I was not sure it was worth seeing these guys again although the 2010 Olympia concert I attended had been an excellent surprise. My only fear was that five years had gone in the meantime and I did not know if they would be as sharp as in the past. I guess that if you read this review it means that you are familiar with C, S & N but if not click on the link as they were ranked #50 in my top 100.
Let’s stop the teasing here as the show was really amazing ; I must say my enthusiasm has even been kindly recognised at the end of the show by our female neighbours. But difficult to resist to such a fantastic playlist which started with the incredible “Carry On” from the “Deja Vu” LP.
Quite moving to see that these three gents still sing beautifully together and match the old stereotype when one talks about the fact that the sum of individuals is often greater than the mere addition of them. Graham Nash remains very sharp (and barefoot as usual) and is a kind of sticking force within the band. David Crosby is still the funniest of the three, especially when telling anecdotes but his real strength in the band remains his amazing voice. I had forgotten how gifted and truly gorgeous a guitar player Stephen Stills is. The way he played and the passion he put in his instrument reminded me of this fantastic talent who gets 30 years younger every time his fingers slide on the guitar neck.
Like old blues players from the delta, these guys were made to play music and they will probably do it until their last breath. Super concert.
Note : C,S & N pictures are not mine
  •  The Zombies, The Forum, London, 10th November 2015
Another completely different story but real emotion to eventually see the Zombies live. This is basically one of these “hidden gem” bands I did not know at first and really discovered in the last ten years but who are now really for me on par with the greatest. Weird and missed career really as although the band had two major hits with “She’s not there” and “Time of the Season“, they never met the success they would have deserved to get and the irony is that they got their biggest hit a few months after giving up and deciding that this was not meant to be.
Their masterpiece “Odessey and Oracle” from 1968 started to create a buzz in the 80’s and has kept on growing within the music community as one of these records you cannot live without. A true masterpiece indeed, mixing melodies and sounds from the late 60’s with a “je ne sais quoi” which makes it timeless.
Two of the leaders of this legendary band (Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone) decided to give it a go (again) in the mid 00’s more for fun than anything else. However, the way the audience has met them live and the level of enthusiasm they faced made them take the decision to get the band on track for good. They even made recently a great new LP through crowd-funding, which shows these old guys are really part of today’s life.
The gig was really excellent and the band was full of energy. I was a bit afraid to find them playing their old tracks like a cover band but that was the other way round. The fact they have excellent new songs brings fresh air and excitement and makes them play even better their old classics. Great setlist as well with a few great covers but also many songs from “Odessey and Oracle” sang wonderfully by Colin Blunstone who as far as I am concerned is one of the greatest singers ever. Keep on the good work gentlemen.

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