Alive and kicking! Bryan Ferry, London Palladium, 22nd April 2016

Somewhat slightly dazed – as David B. would say – by the sad news of Prince Roger Nelson’s passing the previous day, I was still pretty much excited to attend and see again Bryan Ferry on stage. Firstly because he is always excellent on stage but main also for the reason there will not be so many opportunities to hear live all those amazing Roxy Music tracks performed and sung by the original voice.


That was also my first time at the London Palladium, situated in the very central part of London (literally 100 yards from the Oxford Circus underground exit) and one of the more famous West End theatres). Your blog host has been now in this great city for a few months and cannot be nothing but astonished by the number of places to see gigs.

Last time I tried to watch the man from Newcastle was last year at the Royal Albert Hall but the concert had been cancelled at the last minute due to a medical issue so I was hoping to get a less frustrating night. Mission accomplished I must say as apart from the Roxy Music reunion at Rock en Seine festival in 2010, I think I had never seen such a great Bryan Ferry gig.


Surrounded on stage by eight superb musicians with a special mention to Jorja Chalmers on saxophones and keyboards, he played and sang a perfect setlist, mixing tracks from both Roxy Music periods, his solo career and the fantastic covers he has been known for as well.

I know this is probably an obsession on my side as I have been writing it many times on this blog but the music and songs Roxy Music did from 1971 to 1975 really do not sound like nothing else on earth with their mix of melodies, powerful instrumental performance and a sort of weirdness never heard before or after.

So if not clear yet… Viva Roxy and Ferry!


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