End of the Road Festival 2016 – 1st of September – Day One

Over the years, artists have told me time and time again that people really do listen here, which makes me proud of what we do. I always wanted this to be a music festival for music lovers. I never wanted it to just be about getting wasted whilst swinging by some token beat makers” from Simon Taffe, End of the Road Festival founder, in this year’s excellent program.

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I would not have found better words to describe what makes this festival different from the others. This was my second edition and I realised that my introduction of the 2015 edition is more relevant than ever. I had again a fantastic time despite the fact that the rain decided to be there (despite a beautiful British summer before and after the festival…but I guess one has to deserve their great moments in life). After last year’s review which was done on a stage by stage basis, let’s go with a more traditional approach this year, starting with Day One on Thursday, the 1st of September.

The organisers had the excellent idea of adding one evening of music as a kick-off of the 11th edition this year. There were only a few concerts but it allowed everyone to get in the mood and be ready for the next three days.


After listening to my first notes of music with the very good melodic/repetitive UK band Teleman on the Woods Stage and relaxing with the newcomer electric troubadour John Johanna under the Tipi tent, the first thrill of the festival came with The Shins.

That was their first UK show in many years and unless I am wrong they were not here to promote any new records but simply to play tracks from their four excellent LP’s. For those not familiar with their music, this is a mix of guitar-oriented pop music but with a particular sense of melody and melancholy which is their leader James Mercer’s forte. I had seen them in the past at Rock en Seine festival and remember an ok-ish gig whereas this one was great and full of energy… and full of so many great songs.

A cool way to start the festival. Stay tuned for Day Two’s review!

The Shins, in the crowd

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