Tea time at Rough Trade East with Teenage Fanclub and Bob Mould!

For those familiar with the blog, probably not a surprise to see once again these two bands and artists as they were for the both of them in my Top 100 best of list.

2016 has been quite a good year for them as they are currently on tour and both published excellent records. On my side, I have been happy to catch Bob Mould on stage in February and Teenage Fanclub more recently at the End of the Road Festival.


The good news for those who have a bit more time than usual like me right now is that one can queue at around 6.30pm for the many private sets organised by the excellent Rough Trade East store. So not a long post but a few pictures of these artists recently seen on stage at that store for two excellent gigs, not that different from those one could see at a festival.

What is great with these shows is that it always ends with the artists signing records and books, having a friendly chat with the audience and who knows even having pictures taken like the ones below of Gerard Love and Bob Mould.

Good opportunity as well to inform my beloved readers that the “records stores” page has been updated. Happy to get your comments or tips for other great stores you have been to!

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