My book of the year 2016: Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to run”.

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run biography

Last post on the year 2016 before leaving it behind us. I must admit I did not read all new books about music (well, who did?) and that for instance I am eager to read Johnny Marr’s memoirs’ “Set The Boy Free”. However, in all the books I read last year, Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run” was that which stands heads and shoulders above the rest and the reasons are the following ones:

  • This book had been expected for years as first rumours started a long time ago. The Boss has put his heart and soul in this book which took him close to eight years of hard work between tours, music recording…and family life;
  • The writing is exceptional and many serious book reviewers in the US and the UK have considered it as one of the best books written in 2016, period. In other words, reading it is an on-going pleasure for music fans and specifically those of Bruce Springsteen but basically anyone can read it and find a deep interest on his story and what lies behind;
  • What makes this book a specific one is that it is written with constant humility and humour by a man who agrees on what his strengths and weaknesses are. For instance, Bruce Springsteen is very honest about the relative power of his voice or his will to control everything as he is factual about his determination to succeed in life and his ability in playing 4-hour shows;
  • You will learn a lot about the man in this book: his Irish-Italian origins and the strength and burden associated with it, his relationship with his father, the difficult first music years he had, his complex friendship with Steve Van Zandt, his recurring fight against depression, etc…. All this with no pathos at all and a great proximity. I do not want to spoil anything but I hope you will enjoy as much as I have the story around the night he and his son went to see a gig of the punk band Against Me.
  • ..and last but not least, wise words: “When you’re on tour, you’re king. When you’re home, you’re not.”

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