Oktober Fest! Part Two: Chad VanGaalen, London, Oslo Hackney

The name Oslo may be confusing for a few of you but I did not go to Norway to see this gig but stayed in the hip Eastern London district of Hackney. However, that was a very international event as Chad VanGaalen is a Canadian citizen from Calgary, Alberta while I was honoured to attend the gig surrounded by prestigious guests from New Zealand and Scotland.


…and what a nice venue it was. Literally positioned at the exit of the Overground station, the Oslo is more a pub than anything else with a small but nice stage room on the first floor. The room was packed and probably close its maximum capacity. Nice to get that sweaty and drunky feeling again amongst the audience as my latest gigs were in bigger venues and probably cleaner.


The night started well with a very nice opening young band called Mauno, also from Canada and whose music was to me a mix of Pixies and C86 UK Pop sensitivity. The big Chad and his cap were then on stage for a superb set. Chad VanGaalen is one of this typical musician you know when you are interested in indie rock although one would have difficulties to hum one of his songs under the shower. His style is pure indie rock mixing a great energy within a pop sensitivity. To come back to my previous point, his songs should actually be whistled easily as they are very melodic. I think his latest and new LP called “Light Information” is probably the easiest to grab so far and listening to it first is good idea if you want to know more about this excellent and recommended musician. An excellent concert overall with a special reward to his guitarist’s nice beard.


Next episode of the Oktober Fest: The Rolling Stones in Paris. Size does not matter as they say but neither age ; stay tuned!

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