Oktober Fest! Part Four: Aimee Mann, London Palladium, 26th October 2017

..and here we are, back again on the other side of the Channel and this time in the very heart of the city at the nice Palladium theatre. This venue is full of history…including mine as this is the place where I have attented gigs from Brian Wilson, Bryan Ferry or Elvis Costello for instance.


Aimee Mann is probably one of my favourite female singers of all times and although I do recognize her skills in composing songs, her humour, the bitterness and tenderness of her words and her sense of melodies, what moves me the most with her is actually her voice. Like many other people, I discovered her through Paul Thomas Anderson‘s fantastic movie “Magnolia” and her subsequent amazing album “Bachelor #2 or, the last remains of the dodo“. She has always had lots of affiliations with the movie industry: she used to be married to the great musician Michael Penn (brother of Sean) and was a key nihilist member in the Coen brothers’ classic movie “The Big Lebowski“!

Her current musical partner is Jonathan Coulton and those familiar with the series “Braindead” know his voice as he sings a summary of previous episodes at the start of each new one. He was the opening act but also very much present during Aimee’s set as he co-wrote many songs of her last album “Mental Illness” (one of our March albums of the month).

I was delighted to see her again and was really expecting this gig. No disappointment as she is on stage as one expects her to be as in real life, i.e. charming, communicative, funny…and very tall! Her voice is a beautiful on stage as it is on records and her setlist was a great mix of songs from all her career. Catching Aimee Mann on stage or listening to her records is a bit like drinking hot milk with honey, it means times are tough overall but you feel much better during and after her set.

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