Oktober Fest! Part Five: Tears For Fears, Royal Albert Hall, 27th October 2017. “Funny how….time…flies…”

Almost a mini festival as after Aimee Mann the previous day and before another band (soon revealed!) the day after, I attended my 2nd gig in a row at the great Royal Albert Hall venue.

Tears For Fears, Royal Albert Hall 2017

Tears For Fears is probably THE band I had never seen in my life which I was dreaming to catch up on stage and I was closely following their moves since they reformed a few years ago and especially since their summer gig in the not-so-nice Hyde Park festival (not so nice because much too crowded and with a poor sound system…). They actually decided just a few weeks ago to play this one-shot concert to promote their best of album to come and a more traditional tour in 2018.

I must say I was not one hundred percent sure that the original duo of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith were back together again but that was so, to mine and the audience’s pleasure that night. Although they were not as sharp when they started to make still good records on their own, one must recognize that their first three LP’s are amongst the best of any genre or era. Assimilating Tears For Fears as part of a nostalgic 80’s act is pure laziness because these songs are really amazing, moving and inventive and this has nothing to do with listening to them at a certain age in one’s life.

Tears For Fears, Royal Albert Hall 2017

I guess I am lying a bit here as the crowd were mainly in their forties and fifties and one could find a sense of nostalgia in the air… Anyway, the band were on top form and despite dramatic family events faced recently by Roland Orzabal, they were both singing and playing like young guys. Their band was also excellent with a particular mention to their backup singer who was singing “Woman in Chains” as if he were Oleta Adams!

Tears For Fears, Royal Albert Hall 2017

The playlist was extraordinary and almost every song is a classic. I was personally surprised to get as early in the concert a song like “Sowing the Seeds of Love” (one of my favourites ever). The end of the show however was perfect, finishing with “Head Over Heels” and “Shout“. Ever wanted to feel like being part of a giant karaoke? Well go and see Tears For Fears playing “Shout” on stage in the UK!

My favourite concert of the year? Well, close to it probably…

One thought on “Oktober Fest! Part Five: Tears For Fears, Royal Albert Hall, 27th October 2017. “Funny how….time…flies…”

  1. Definitely one of the few shows I would love to attend… My daughter Martina is starting guitar lessons this year. First music she’s learning? Everybody wants to rule the world! Played unplugged, you hear this is not just juicy pop music. Brilliant review mate!

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