A magical night with Flyte, Heath Street Baptist Church, 23rd February 2018

There is something incredible indeed when one loves music… How can this young band I had never heard of before last August suddenly becomes one of my favourite? How can a guy in his late forties be moved by youngsters in their 20’s playing classical pop/rock? That is really the beauty of it I guess and why I will keep on trying to discovering new bands and genres hopefully until my last breath.


Flyte released their first proper album “The Loved Ones” last August and although I did not pay much attention first, it happened to be a grower and eventually one of my favourite albums of 2017 (ranked #5 in my end of the year-list). Claiming they are here to create a new style of music would be a lie. To my mind, their goal is to keep on the tradition of great pop/rock as, say, a blacksmith would like to keep on working on stuff the way his elders used to do so but in a modern way. Spontaneous influences to me are bands such as Prefab Sprout, The Bluebells or Pale Fountains for instance. In other words, all those great bands which appeared in the 80’s and wanted to keep on the great work done by their own influences.


Last Friday’s gig was a special one as it was held in the beautiful context of the Heath Street Baptist Church, in the Hampstead borough, one of the most beautiful places in London. The 400-something tickets sold out in a few minutes and I was very happy to be one of the lucky few. The band really look like they are out of university as they are really young but also very much dedicated to their art…rather than their clothes or hair style. They played all the album, an old “classic” and also two great brand new songs. The musicianship of the four members is incredible either concerning their pure talent or on the team spirit they showed throughout the gig. Special mention in particular to keyboard/guitar player Sam Berridge who wrote in a couple of days the arrangements for the strings quartet which accompanied the band on the majority of the tracks.


They have a formidable singer and leader with Will Taylor for sure but the four of them sing beautifully as well. The peak of the evening was without doubt their a capella cover of Alvvays‘ “Archie, Marry Me“, the kind of song which gives shivers down one’s spine. As Will said at the end of the gig, like a pastor speaking to his faithful listeners, “Spread the good word”. You will not find a more beautiful band than Flyte; discover them!

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