April 2018 Album of the month: Eels “The Deconstruction”

We are already reaching the end of one third of the year and as usual no time for laziness or deception regarding this monthly review (which by the way has millions of followers now…)

Album of the month: Eels“The Deconstruction” – Pop Rock – I am generally always happy, excited but also scared of being disappointed when one of my all time favourites is back with a new album, as was so with Eels this month. For those not that familiar with this band, Eels is the brainchild of Mark Everett, a.k.a. E. After starting their career with a hit (“Novocaine for the Soul“) in 1996, they have been releasing albums on a regular basis. All these records are more than recommended really and to me Mark Everett’s clear inspiration can be found in Paul McCartney‘s work as a solo artist. Just imagine a more cynical McCartney with a rougher voice and you are not far from Eels’ style of music. The man is quite multi-talented either as a writer (cf. my review of his autobiography) or as an actor. He recently appeared in a few episodes of the great Judd Apatow “Love” series and after getting married, having a baby…and getting divorced again , here he is full of energy after a four-year break for our listening pleasure.

A stylized matchstick


  • Runner-up: Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Sex & Food” – Pop Rock – What a nice record name! A bit like for Eels, this band could actually bear the name of its leader, Ruban Nielson from New Zealand. This is their fourth album and more than ever the mix of fresh melodies and of a retro and polished production makes it very different from other current releases. To discover if not yet done.
  • Also recommended:
    • Goat Girl “Goat Girl” – Pop Rock – Exciting debut album from this American-sounding all female UK band.
    • Manic Street Preachers – “Resistance Is Futile” – Pop Rock – Very dignified 13th (!) album from the best Welsh rock’n’roll band ever.
    • Drinks “Hippo Lite” – Pop Rock – Second excellent collaboration between Cate Le Bon from Wales and Tim Presley from the USA. Recorded in Saint Hyppolyte du Fort in France, hence the title…
    • Forth Wanderers“Forth Wanderers” – Indie Pop – Debut album signed by Sub Pop. There is something sounding like classical indie pop about this album.
    • Josh T.Pearson  “The Straight Hits!” – Pop Rock – No more beard nor long and slow depressing songs from the Lift to Experience leader, only straight hits!
  • Lest we forget: album of the previous month – Buffalo Tom – “Quiet And Peace


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