‘Waiting for the end of the world’ – Elvis Costello & The Imposters – 13th March 2020 – London, Eventim Apollo

…that was an easy one but actually they did not play that particular song (from 1977’s ‘My Aim Is True‘ album). So, remember a time when one could go to gigs, have a couple of beers and enjoy live musics? This is a review of an event that occurred around two weeks ago but it really felt like from another age… I was actually waiting for this gig to be cancelled but it looks it was one of the last which took place in London. Always a difficult choice to do but I considered that because the venue did not break any government rules, there was no real reason not to go.

So, yes, the concert was a bit…special to say the least… This concert was sold out for a long time but around ten percent of the seats were empty. Elvis Costello really played the game and gave us a tremendous performance but one could feel he was very much overwhelmed by what was going on in the UK and in the world, having also in mind the serious health issues he had two years ago. That was actually the last date of the tour and he posted a very moving message on his Facebook account two days later.

But let’s focus on the music and the performance, shall we? I had high expectations from this gig as to me, although his works in the fields of jazz or classical music are not without interest, Elvis Costello really excels when he plays good ol’ fashioned rock music. I would also add he is at his best when playing with his old compadres Pete Thomas on drums and Steve Nieve on the piano, the other ‘new’ member of The Imposters being the excellent Davey Faragher on bass. That night’s performance was one of the best I have seen from the great man. The way they played old and new classics was close to the bone and could have been the work of under 20’s youngsters. I also could not emphasize how much the inclusion of American soul backing singers Kitten Kuroi and Briana Lee was a good idea as very often it gave a different feel to the songs (…and it also brought a welcome female touch in this men’s environment). If you are not convinced, catch the setlist on this link and read the review of The Guardian.

5 thoughts on “‘Waiting for the end of the world’ – Elvis Costello & The Imposters – 13th March 2020 – London, Eventim Apollo

  1. Merci Stéphane. Parfait durant le confinement. Faites attention à vous et bon courage ! Bises Noelle Sent from my iPhone


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