Something for the weekend – Episode #41 – Brian Eno “Another Green World”

You may know Brian Eno for formerly being a key member of the gorgeous Roxy Music or through his production work for David Bowie, U2, Talking Heads or Coldplay amongst others but the great man has also made a bunch of fantastic records under his own name, including this one.

Brian Eno – “Another Green World1975

Brian Eno really made a name of himself as a prime member of Roxy Music in the early 70’s.Very often dressed on stage with women’s clothes and making an impression with his long blonde hair, he was the one bringing these weird synth sounds to the first two albums and basically changing what music would be in the years to come. Things were not to last and both his and Bryan Ferry‘s personalities were too different to make it a long term project. Brian Eno then left the band and was smart enough to confirm their 3rd album “Stranded” was his favourite…although he was already out. For music lovers, it meant that at the end of the day they still had Roxy Music as their favourite band (and what a band that was!) and an amazing new solo artist to follow. Brian Eno did not really cut the umbilical cord with his previous Roxy Music partners and for instance guitarist Phil Manzanera remained one of his best partners in crime for years to come. He released two fantastic albums in succession in 1974 which everyone should listen to if not done yet (“Here Come The Warm Jets” and “Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)“) in which he showed his talents as a singer and composer.

Another Green World” is Brian Eno’s third record and probably his most important one, thanks to the evolution of the music he was playing at the time. Although this is not something one spontaneously registers while listening to it, there are actually nine tracks out of fourteen without lyrics, making it a real milestone for what Brian Eno would be famous for later in his career, i.e. so-called ‘ambient music’. I could describe the instruments played, the studios used or again the few prestigious guests like Robert Fripp on guitar, John Cale on viola or again Phil Collins on drums but these are mere details in light of the big picture. “Another Green World” is before all Brian Eno’s brainchild, bringing ideas and an overall sense of dreamy mood I guess you will certainly feel in this record. This is very rare to feel such a balance in music and to me Brian Eno reached something closed to perfection here. It looks I am not the only one to think the same, as confirmed in 2016 Pitchfork review. Discover and enjoy!

Format: LP Bought in: 2018 (after getting it on tape in the 80’s..and in CD in 1998). To be noted: There is a dedicated book in the great 33 1/3 series about this album (#67). Hugely recommended for those who want to dig further. Rating: 9.5/10

3 thoughts on “Something for the weekend – Episode #41 – Brian Eno “Another Green World”

  1. also, taking tiger mountain…, which, at times, is my favourite album ever.
    good call, stephane! you can’t beat a bit of early Vitamin D’eno! xo

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