Something for the weekend – Episode #44 – Spoon “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga”

This week, first of a short series about my three favourite American bands of the 21st century so far. Let’s start with Spoon.

Spoon – “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga2007

Those following this blog on a regular basis may not be surprised to get this review about Spoon. I must even confess I can be considered as a major fan and that I eagerly follow any of their new releases. I did a complete review of their studio records in 2017, which you can read anytime for your pleasure! They come from Austin, Tx, one of my favourite locations on Earth and with leader/singer/composer Britt Daniel, they have one of the most interesting musical figures of our times. They released their first record in 1996 and one has to admit their first efforts were nice but difficult to differentiate from other bands heavily influenced by Pixies at the time. What is fascinating though is how their music kept on evolving and progressing, eventually making them quite a unique band.

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” is their sixth record and probably their masterpiece, although once again they kept on making fantastic records since then, regularly praised in our end of the year lists or in our records of the month reviews. If you are not familiar with the music of Spoon, first listens may appear deceptive and even quite standard. One has to be patient and after a couple of extra listens, one will start to understand why this blog is so enthusiastic about this band. Their sound, polished through the expert hands and brain of excellent drummer and band member Jim Eno, give a particular attention to details. One could find various influences on this record, like for instance Elvis Costello And The Attractions or again German bands of the 70’s. But what makes Spoon an amazing band is the balance between their craftsmen’s work and their gifted skill for melodies. All ten tracks are winners and there is not a single week moment. To be discovered at any cost if not done yet.

Format: LP Bought in: 2019 (nicer than the mp3 which I loaded in 2007…). To be noted: The picture on the cover is that of American artist Lee Bontecou, shot by Italian photographer Ugo Molas in 1963. Rating: 10/10

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