Something for the weekend – Episode #47 – Talking Heads “Remain In Light”

Talking Heads probably are one of my favourite bands ever so I guess the time has come to review one of their records.

Talking Heads – “Remain In Light1980

Founded by the trio of David Byrne on vocals and guitar, Tina Weymouth on bass and Chris Frantz on drums, Talking Heads really started to make a name of themselves when they joined the New York music scene in the mid-70’s and welcomed excellent fourth band member Jerry Harrison on guitar. It is rather interesting by the way that they are associated with the NY CBGB’s scene as they were…different in their style of music or in the way they used to dress for instance. They were very quickly one of the first rock bands to include funky or tribal sounds in their music, while keeping this weird distance in lyrics or sharp guitar-playing.

Remain In Light” is their fourth studio album out of eight in a career which went from 1977 until 1989 and potentially the most famous one, thanks to its awesome single “Once In A Lifetime“. There is no such thing as a weak Talking Heads album and I guess everyone has their own favourite. Talking Heads were collaborating on this album for the third and final time with their friend and producer Brian Eno, which made hardcore fans describing this album more like a Byrne/Eno effort rather than a band one. I am not sure this is so and to me the majority of these eight tracks are probably the ones I would play to anyone not familiar with their music to explain what they were about. Songs such as “Born Under Punches” or again “Houses In Motion” definitely represent the best rock-funk-afrobeat fusion one could dream of, thanks to the fantastic contribution of guitarist extraordinaire Adrian Belew. This is an instant classic and anyone not willing to move their bodies on such amazing numbers is probably dead… For all of you LCD Soundsystem fans, this is also an album to listen to, such a strong influence it has been on that excellent band.

Format: CD Bought in: 1999 To be noted: When life goes back to normal, catching David Byrne on Broadway in his American Utopia show is very much recommended for those eager to hear a few of these Talking Heads tracks. Rating: 9.5/10

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