Gang of Four: “Entertainment!” (1979) / Trabendo, Paris 18th, March 2011

If you are a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, please go on reading as they are the most devoted fans of this band! Formed in the late 70’s by Jon King and Andy Gill, Gang of Four have been one of the most influental bands ever though they have never been that well known. This is probably due to the fact that their music has always been without any compromise, mixing intelligent political lyrics with sharp bass/drums/guitar sounds. Andy Gill is probably one of the most influential guitar players in the rock world probably not from the fact that his technical skills are flawless but mainly because his sound is so revolutionary and without any fat as could testify Franz Ferdinand, the best example of a band popularizing Gang of Four’s sound.

To know more about Gang of Four :

Their discography is quite thin but 1st LP “Entertainment” (1979) is a pure classic mixing white funk tracks with industrial post-punk anthems from the North of England with classics such as “Damaged Goods”, “At Home He’s a Tourist” and “I Found that Essence Rare”  (9.5/10).

King and Gill recently reformed with a young rhythm section and just released a nice LP called “Content” (2011) (7.5/10). They were playing the Trabendo in Paris on March, the 18th and they went on showing passion and energy on stage for such fantastic songs (for more on the show, please find following link  that will make you practise your German!

Here are a few picture and a video from the show which I took:

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