February 2021 Album of the month: Mush- “Lines Redacted”

Is February really the shortest month of the year? Not sure when one thinks about the number of records that were released..

Album of the month: Mush – “Lines Redacted” – Pop Rock – Mush are from Leeds and this new release is their second album after last year’s excellent “3D Routine” effort. In the grand tradition of other bands coming from this great city (like Gang Of Four or Scritti Politti for instance), their music could be described as weird post-punk or dissonant pop. Vocalist Dan Hyndman has a peculiar singing style but the way the band mix his sharp vocals with their ferocious playing makes them one of the most promising ones of our times. For those who like long and complex guitar-oriented songs a la Pavement, this band could well be your new favourite one.

Runner-up: Mogwai “As The Love Continues” – Instrumental Rock – This is quite crazy to think that this is Mogwai‘s tenth studio album, not taking into account soundtracks they did from movies such a ‘Zidane‘ or TV series ‘Les Revenants‘ for instance. The more it goes, the better their music is and catching these fine Glaswegian musicians on stage is very much recommended if you can. I must also confess being a fan of the art covers of their albums, which means their music is even better enjoyed while getting the vinyl version

  • Also recommended:
  • Black Country, New Road “For The First Time” – Pop Rock – Excellent and much expected first album from this very young seven-member arty post punk UK band.
  • The Weather Station “Ignorance” – Pop Rock – Fifth album from Canadian singer/songwriter Tamara Lindeman and her best so far.
  • Katy Kirby – “Cool Dry Place” – Pop Rock – Quite moving debut album from young solo Texan singer/songwriter.
  • Tindersticks – “Distractions” – Pop Rock – Like Mogwai, Tindersticks should not be taken for granted and each new release is another step towards greatness. This time, they covered a few songs, including “A Man Needs A Maid” from Neil Young.
  • Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – “Carnage” – Cavean Music – Is it another strong opus from these two great gentlemen or does it fall sometimes too close to self parody? I am not sure yet as this record needs a few other listens to decide for sure…

U.F.A of the month! : Mathieu Boogaerts – “En Anglais” – Fine idea on paper and I know this is kind of done on purpose but really, listening to such a French accent for almost thirty minutes is almost unbearable…

Lest we forget: album of the previous month – Goat Girl – “On All Fours

November 2020 Album of the month: Ólafur Arnalds – “Some Kind Of Peace”

November was a quiet month compared to a very busy October so I though it would make sense to elect a relaxing album this time…

Album of the month: Ólafur Arnalds – “Some Kind Of Peace” – Iceland Relaxing Music – Originally from Iceland, Ólafur Arnalds has been releasing albums on a regular basis in the last ten years and has been collaborating with other artists from all genres. His most famous work is probably that he did for the beautiful and moving British series ‘ Broadchurch‘ a few years ago. He is a real talent in terms of composition and he is also very skilled because he can play any instrument from a quite piano to very noisy drums. In this new album, he succeeded in mixing all genres he has been associated with, from ambient sounds to chilly pop. You will not find a better album for this period of the year.

Runner-up: Nick Cave “Idiot Prayer – Nick Cave alone at Alexandra Palace” – Pop Rock – Talking about quiet and melodic piano sounding… Nick Cave did this streaming show a few months ago to share something with the fans and good news is that this is now available for all. As the title suggests, he is alone playing the piano in the normally buoyant and noisy Alexandra Palace, home of one of my latest live reviews. The mood is quite magical, although disturbing and weird sometimes, but it remains a must for all Nick Cave fans.

  • Also recommended:
  • Dominique A “Vie étrange – French Pop – Not an album per se, this could be considered as a few musical ideas given by the great French artist.
  • Tiña “Positive Mental Health Music” – Pop Rock – Our new favourite South London band?
  • Grandaddy – “The Sophtware Slump… On A Wooden Piano” – Pop Rock – A beautiful acoustic interpretation of one of Grandaddy’s greatest albums by their leader Jason Lytle.
  • Linkwood And Other Lands – “Face The Facts” – Chilly Stuff – Another great atmosphere record to relax with in these troubled times…
  • Chilly Gonzales – “A Very Chilly Christmas” – Xmas Record – It looks chilly was this month’s word… I personally like Xmas records and this release from the excellent Canadian musician is no exemption.
  • Lest we forget: album of the previous month – This Is The Kit – “Off Off On

Best albums of 2019 – Top 25

A year when very good records by Wilco, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Bill Callahan, Aldous Harding, Neil Young, Bon Iver, Metronomy or again Elbow are not in my Top 25 must be quite something, right? Well, be your own judge by discovering the list below. Listen to them all and give feedback! What was your record of the year?

#1 Iggy Pop – “Free”. Released in: September 2019 – . It may not look very cool to choose one of my old heroes as album of the year but as every year, my main question was to find out which artist and record gave me the highest emotion. The answer was pretty clear as I found this album overwhelming either through the quality of the musical partners who helped Iggy this time or through his voice which sounds more amazing than ever. Having Iggy Pop at such a level of excellence for the second time in three years (after the gorgeous and completely different ‘Post Pop Depression‘ in 2016) is close to a miracle actually when one thinks about the quite poor albums he did in the previous ten years (hello bad French covers). I guess all the greats still got the sparkle when we are in need of a fire… I recently saw him live on the beautiful stage of the Barbican in London in what was supposed to be a jazz festival…but which ended with Iggy singing apocalyptic Stooges numbers as if he were in his twenties. The man is incredible and we are lucky to have him. RECORD OF THE YEAR!

  #2 Little Simz – “Grey Area”. Released in: March 2019. You will not find a more inventive urban album than Little Simz’s 2019 effort. In a year which confirmed the creativity of plenty of young British artists in different fields such as indie rock, jazz or again urban music in all its diversity, this young woman was above her colleagues. An extreme sense of melody could be found in this record while keeping a sense of adventure. I often told people that I found similarities with Prince in this record, not in terms of sounds but in attitude. To be discovered at any cost. For those Netflix aficionados, you may also have recognized her acting in ‘Top Boy’.

 #3 The Young Gods – “Data Mirage Tangram”. Released in: February 2019. Switzerland’s greatest ever band were back in 2019 with probably one of the best albums in a already extraordinary career. Their music is closer now to sound structures than real melodies and to what a sculptor could do while still keeping their industrial touch here and there. I must confess that every time I played this record, I immediately had a sense of well being so I hope you will feel the same!

 #4 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Ghosteen”. Released in: October 2019. I have been following Nick Cave since 1985 and I recently found home his 1990 book ‘And The Ass Saw The Angel‘ signed by the great man after meeting him in a bookstore in Covent Garden. I do report this anecdote just to mention I would never thought at the time that he would still be with us today and in such a prolific way. I was lucky to attend the Q&A night he did at the Barbican and I realised how hard-working he was…also there must be something of a genius mind as well. A very calm and moving record done with his usual Bad Seeds and in particular the great Warren Ellis.

 #5 Sharon Van Etten – “Remind Me Tomorrow”. Released in: January 2019. Similarly to Little Simz, Sharon Van Etten is a very talented woman as she also appeared in a great Netflix series (‘The OA’). The similarities stop there as her music is quite unique and not easy to categorize. To make it short, she comes originally from a songwriter-with-acoustic background but her music has evolved a lot in the past five years. This album is probably her most ambitious yet but also the easiest one to have access to with a bunch of fantastic songs and melodies.

 #6 black midi  “Schlagenheim”. Released in: June 2019. These young British lads come from one of the most prestigious music schools in the UK. However, rather than putting their extremely gifted skills in a specific kind of music, they went to the ‘let’s try and experiment as much as we can whilst keeping the structure of a song’. I know this is a lazy approach but to me they are the Public Image Ltd. of our times. Probably the best gig I have seen at the End of the Road Festival 2019 edition as well…

 #7 Big Thief – “Two Hands”. Released in: October 2019. 2019 was the year when I finally understood what Big Thief were about and the beauty & mystery of their music. To thank me for this, they released two awesome records (‘UFOF‘ and then ‘Two Hands‘). These two records could easily have been part of my best of but I chose ‘Two Hands‘ for the simple reason it contains the song of the year with ‘Not’. A bit like when Jimi Hendix played live The Beatles‘ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band‘ a couple of days after its release, The National covered ‘Not‘ on stage less than a week after the record was out.

 #8 Thom Yorke  “Anima”. Released in: June 2019. All the record with which Radiohead members are associated are of interest…but sometimes I must confess my interest was relative and not very long over time. Thom Yorke’s solo records have always been challenging and adventurous but with ‘Anima’, he found the magic formula, i.e. he used his usual weird electro sounds but this time not only for the sake of it. You will not find a more relaxed and simultaneously worrying music than on this record, reflecting the troubled times we live in…

 #9 Cass McCombs  “Tip of the Sphere”. Released in: February 2019. Cass McCombs is a regular fellow in this blog and one can easily recommend all his records. ‘Tip of the Sphere’ was above what he has been doing in the last ten years as one could feel a sense of urgency which had disappeared from his latest releases. Another great gig at the 2019 End of the Road Festival by the way.

 #10 Lana Del Rey  “Norman Fucking Rockwell!”. Out in: August 2019. ..and here she is, well positioned in our Top 10! I had difficulties to feel anything more than a polite listening to Lana Del Rey’s earliest records as to me they were lacking authenticity and emotion. To put it differently, I thought she was playing the David Lynch style without understanding the dark side behind it. However, I must recognize that each of her records has been better than the previous one and the latter is extraordinary, especially as far as the words are concerned. I may be cynical but to me this is perfect music for our times, i.e. we are doomed but let’s face it with a smile and nice melodies.

  • 11. Strand of Oaks“Eraserland”
  • 12. Ride“This is not a Safe Place”
  • 13. Mikal Cronin“Seeker”
  • 14. Michael Kiwanuka “Kiwanuka”
  • 15. Nérija“Blume”
  • 16. Loyle Carner – “Not Waving, but Drowning”
  • 17. Lloyd Cole – “Guesswork”
  • 18. Drugdealer – “Raw Honey”
  • 19. Steve Gunn – “The Unseen in Between”
  • 20. Purple Mountains – “Purple Mountains”
  • 21. Marika Hackman – “Any Human Friend”
  • 22. Sunn O))) – “Life Metal”
  • 23. FKA Twigs – “Magdalene”
  • 24. Fontaines D.C. – “Dogrel”
  • 25. The National – “I am Easy to Find”

Other voices’ (websites, magazines, records stores, etc…) Top 10.

You will find below a selection of other lists but there are so many of them that you may also want to go to the albumoftheyear.org website to get an aggregation of them all.

  • Mojo (UK music mag): 1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Ghosteen 2. Bill Callahan Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest 3. Bruce Springsteen Western Stars 4. The Comet Is Coming Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery 5. Aldous Harding Designer 6. Fontaines D.C. Dogrel 7. Lana Del Rey Norman Fucking Rockwell! 8. black midi Schlagenheim 9. Purple Mountains Purple Mountains 10. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Rainford
  • Uncut (UK music mag): 1. Weyes Blood Titanic Rising 2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Ghosteen 3. Purple Mountains Purple Mountains 4. The Comet Is Coming Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery 5. Lana Del Rey Norman Fucking Rockwell! 6. Joan Shelley Like the River Loves the Sea 7. Bruce Springsteen Western Stars 8. Bill Callahan Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest 9. Big Thief UFOF 10. Wilco Ode to Joy
  • NME (UK website): 1. Billie Eilish When we all Fall Asleep, where do we Go? 2. Tyler, The Creator Igor 3. Lana Del Rey Norman Fucking Rockwell! 4. Slowthai Nothing Great about Britain 5. Little Simz Grey Area 6. FKA Twigs Magdalene 7. Fontaines D.C. Dogrel 8. Michael Kiwanuka Kiwanuka 9. Weyes Blood Titanic Rising 10. Clairo Immunity
  • Rough Trade (London, Nottingham, Bristol and Brooklyn stores): 1. Fontaines D.C. Dogrel 2. Weyes Blood Titanic Rising 3. Angel Olsen All Mirrors 4. Little Simz Grey Area 5. black midi Schlagenheim 6. Sleaford Mods Eton Alive 7. Cate Le Bon Reward 8. Vanishing Twin The Age of Immunology 9. Ex:Re Ex:Re 10. The Comet Is Coming Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery
  • Fopp (UK stores): 1. Sharon Van Etten Remind me Tomorrow 2. Bill Callahan Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest 3. FKA Twigs Magdalene 4. Big Thief Two Hands 5. Aldous Harding Designer 6. Joan Shelley Like the River Loves the Sea 7. black midi Schlagenheim 8. Angel Olsen All Mirrors 9. Bill Callahan Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest 10. Dave Psychodrama
  • Greg Kot (Sound Opinions radio DJ #1): 1. Jamila Woods Legacy! Legacy! 2. Raphael Saadiq Jimmy Lee 3. Bill Callahan Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest 4. Michael Kiwanuka Kiwanuka 5. Sharon Van Etten Remind me Tomorrow 6. Billy Woods and Kenny Segal Hiding Places 7. Sturgill Simpson Sound & Fury 8. Kills Birds Kills Birds 9. Mugen Blakrok Anima Mysterium 10. Shana Cleveland Night of the Worm Moon
  • Jim Derogatis (Sound Opinions radio DJ #2): 1. Lizzo Cuz I Love You 2. Sturgill Simpson Sound & Fury 3. Tacocat This Mess is a Place 4. Grlwood I Sold my Soul to the Devil when I was 12 5. Kills Birds Kills Birds 6. Ex Hex It’s Real 7. The Regrettes How do you Love? 8. Lana Del Rey Norman Fucking Rockwell! 9. Sharon Van Etten Remind me Tomorrow 10. Michael Kiwanuka Kiwanuka
  • Pitchfork (US music website): 1. Lana Del Rey Norman Fucking Rockwell! 2. FKA Twigs Magdalene 3. Big Thief UFOF 4. Angel Olsen All Mirrors 5. Solange When I Get Home 6. Bad Bunny X 100PRE 7. Helado Negro This Is How You Smile 8. Fennesz Agora 9. Weyes Blood Titanic Rising 10. Purple Mountains Purple Mountains
  • Paste (US music website): 1. Weyes Blood Titanic Rising 2. Angel Olsen All Mirrors 3. Sharon Van Etten Remind me Tomorrow 4. Big Thief Two Hands 5. FKA Twigs Magdalene 6. Britanny Howard Jaime 7. Carly Rae Jepsen Dedicated 8. Julia Jacklin Crushing 9. Lizzo Cuz I Love You 10. Faye Webster Atlanta Millionaires Club
  • Les Inrocks (French mag): 1. Tyler, The Creator Igor 2. Weyes Blood Titanic Rising 3. Fat White Family Serfs Up! 4. James Blake Assume Form 5. Fontaines D.C. Dogrel 6. Philippe Katerine Confessions  7. Denzel Curry ZUU 8. Lana Del Rey Norman Fucking Rockwell! 9. Alex Cameron Miami Memory 10. Hubert Lenoir Darlene
  • The Guardian (UK daily newspaper) : 1. Lana Del Rey Norman Fucking Rockwell! 2. Dave Psychodrama 3. Billie Eilish When we all Fall Asleep, where do we Go? 4. Sharon Van Etten Remind me Tomorrow 5. Tyler, The Creator Igor 6. Angel Olsen All Mirrors 7. FKA Twigs Magdalene 8. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Ghosteen 9. Slowthai Nothing Great About Britain 10. Weyes Blood Titanic Rising
  • The Independent (UK website) : 1. Aldous Harding Designer 2. Lana Del Rey Norman Fucking Rockwell! 3. Little Simz Grey Area 4. Bruce Springsteen Western Stars 5. Big Thief Two Hands 6. Tyler, The Creator Igor 7. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Ghosteen 8. James Blake Assume Form 9. Weyes Blood Titanic Rising 10. Dave Psychodrama
  • Magic rpm (French bimonthly magazine) : 1. Weyes Blood Titanic Rising 2. Big Thief UFOF 3. Shannon Wright Providence 4. Aldous Harding Designer 5. Tyler, The Creator Igor 6. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Ghosteen 7. JPEGMafia All My Heroes Are Cornballs 8. Big Thief Two Hands 9. Bertrand Belin Persona 10. Altin Gün Gece
  • Noise Magazine (French bimonthly magazine) : 1. Health Vol. 4:Slaves of Fear 2. Brutus Nest 3. Cave In Final Transmission 4. Tool Fear Inoculum 5. The Young Gods Data Mirage Tangram 6. Ventura Ad Matres 7. Cult Of Luna A Dawn to Fear 8. Lingua Ignota Caligula 9. Refused War Music 10. Boy Harsher Careful

October 2019 Album of the month: Big Thief “Two Hands”

October 2019 was probably the best month in terms of quantity since I started doing this review at the start of 2017. New records by Wilco, Elbow, Mikal Cronin, Kanye West or Van Morrison would have been in this selection any other month. Which makes the below-reviewed records even better!

Album of the month: Big Thief – “Two Hands” – Pop Rock – The quite boring band Foals also released their second record of the year but the real event this month really comes from Brooklyn indie rock quarter Big Thief. Their previous album ‘U.F.O.F.‘ was already in our May 2019 selection but this one is even better. Lead by the beautiful voice of Adrianne Lenker, a fascinating young woman, one can really feel a sense of unity in this band and I must admit I was wrong the last time I saw them in 2018 at the great End of the Road festival. All songs are powerful and simple but also quite overwhelming…and with ‘Not‘ they probably have a contender for the best song of the year, no more, no less…

  • Runner-up: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Ghosteen” – Pop Rock – Those familiar with Nick Cave‘s personal life will understand what he refers to with the title of this new LP, a contraction of the words Ghost and Teenager. Singing about the loss of a loved one does not necessarily mean artistic success…but this record is totally amazing and full of intelligent emotion. The album is spread in two parts (‘Children’ and ‘Parents’) and any listener will be impressed by the way things evolve throughout this record. One of the best records of the year and of Nick Cave’s career.
  • Also recommended:
  •  DIIV “Deceiver” – Pop Rock – Another New York, NY, band and one of the best for those who like their rock strong and punchy.
  • Angel Olsen “All Mirrors”– Pop Rock – One of the favorite female singers of this blog, this time with her most ambitious record.
  • Swans – “Leaving Meaning” – Intense music #1 – Michael Gira’s band is back with a beautiful, long …and quite calm album.
  • Neil Young And Crazy Horse – “Colorado” – Pop Rock – Like old wine, nothing better than a new record of the Canadian loner with his bunch of compadres.
  • Sunn O))) – “Pyroclasts” – Intense music #2 – 2nd album of the year from the American doom masters. Same comments as last time: play loud, listen without prejudice and the rewards will be immense.
  • Lest we forget: album of the previous month – Giant Sand – “Recounting the Ballad of Thin Line Men”

All Points East presents… the greatest bands in the world! Victoria Park, 2nd and 3rd June, 2018



Last week was held in the very nice Mile End neighbourhood and more precisely in Victoria Park the second week-end of the new All Points East Festival. Actually, the previous week-end was the actual official festival with names such as The XX, Bjork or again LCD Soundsytem whereas the gigs I went to were part of something called “All Points East presents…”. Well, whatever the name, the real treat was in the line-up as basically I could find many of my current or past musical obsessions.


So, for once, nothing particularly new to write again about these great bands or artists but just the pleasure in sharing a few photos of these two days: This Is The Kit, Spoon, Flyte, The War On Drugs, The National, Courtney Barnett, Patti Smith, St. Vincent and Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds. My camera was also as overwhelmed as I was by such a line-up as its lens stopped working after a certain stage…

Stay connected as next time, I will write about two amazing bands I had not seen live for decades..


Heroes! 3 gigs in a row from LCD Soundsystem, The National and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Autumn is traditionally a very busy period in terms of records’ releases but also in terms of concerts…especially in London. In all honesty, there are enough good concerts to go out every night so I guess one has to choose extraordinary events which are compatible with one’s schedule…and budget. There were many uncertainties as far as this blog is concerned so I took my tickets quite late but I eventually succeeded in seeing these three musical giants, all part of my beloved Top 100 of all times. I was pretty far from the stage though, hence the no-so-good pictures…If you want nice photos, please go back to my End of the Road Festival review!

  • LCD Soundsystem, Alexandra Palace, 23rd September 2017


Although Alexandra Palace (nickname Ally Pally) is quite far to central London, it remains an extraordinary place and I had good memories about my latest gig there. …from extraordinary place to extraordinary event, there is not a long way to go and having LCD Soundsystem make their London comeback concerts here made perfect sense. Recurrent readers from this blog know how much we love this band and how much heartbroken we had all been a few years ago when James Murphy decided to end his band…for different reasons. Their 2011 farewell show at the Madison Square Garden in New York is probably one of the most moving and exuberant concerts ever.

Good news is that…for different reasons James Murphy went back playing with the band in the last months before finally taking the decision to give it a go again. Their new record (“American Dream”) had just been released and is excellent…which is a relief as bands reforming may have a tendency to disappoint fans sometimes. This is fortunately not so this year as I can think about excellent comeback LP’s from Ride or Slowdive for instance.

So we were super excited to catch them live again…and that was pretty good indeed. James Murphy was on top form, the band are as good in terms of playing together as they were before the break-up (specific mentions to Nancy Whang on keyboards and Pat Mahoney on drums) and the place was perfect to dance and move on… but something was missing. Not sure if I gave too much expectation and excitement to see them live again, if it was due to the setlist (whaaaaaaatttt? no “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” and no “Losing My Edge“!) or if I found the audience not focused enough on the gig …but I came back home slightly disappointed. Still a very good gig…but no more.

  • The National, Eventim Apollo, 28th September 2017


Here is a band on the top of their game and to me one of the Top 5 best artists since the start of the century. No less… The National’s personal story is an interesting one as well as a bit like Spoon for instance, they did not make a huge fuss with the release of their first records but went on improving with each release and building a bigger and bigger community of fans all over the world.


My last experience with these guys was in the beautiful context of the Greek Theatre in L.A. and I must say I was quite pleased to take my bike to see them, a bit like meeting old friends whom you see once in a while. The other good news was that the opening act was no less than Kate Stable and her band This Is The Kit (our July record of the month). No real surprise as her musical world is quite close to The National’s and as Aaron Dessner produced their 2015 album “Bashed Out“. This was a beautiful way to open such a great night and Kate and her chorus singer went back singing one song with the National during their show. It made Matt Berninger do one of his stupid but funny jokes (“…This is half of This Is The Kit…”).


The National played four shows in a row in this great and historical theatre and the 28th of September was actually their last European night before going back to the US. Their latest album “Sleep Well Beast” is a beauty and I really felt I was lucky to see a band at the top of their game. I had this feeling a few times in the past when you feel that the band you see is amazing but probably also making history and at the peak of their career. I also found Matt Berninger is a very moving man, showing strength, doubts, fun and weaknesses at the same time. Everything a man is his late forties should be… As with every night of the UK tour, they did a cover version and tonight was… Queen‘s “I Want to Break Free” (which was very good actually). Last but not least, this was the only night when they finished with “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks”, the best song of all times, sung a capella as traditionally done during their concerts. Love you guys….


  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, O2 Arena, 30th September 2017

And what better way to end the beautiful but depressing month of September than catching live Nick Cave and his gang of musicians. My personal relationship with Nick Cave’s music and art is not new and since discovering his music in 1986 with his covers album “Kicking Against The Pricks” I guess I never lost track of his work. My first face to face meeting with the great man was actually in 1990 in London at a store when he was signing his book “And The Ass Saw The Angel” so this is a long story. The man has always been transparent about his life, his good times (Sao Paulo, Brighton, family life,…) and the bad ones (heroin addiction, loss of his son Arthur). His work is quite weird actually as his music is at the same time so out of time (gothic blues and old-fashioned storytelling) but also very much influenced by his own life.


Anyway, this was the tour that everyone was a bit afraid to attend after the family tragedy he had to live but as expected Nick Cave and his band were as sharp and sensitive as one could have expect. I must admit that it was probably my best gig of Nick Cave…despite being in a bloody too big arena. The setlist was perfect, mixing up very old songs like “Tupelo“, recent songs from his latest album “Skeleton Tree” or classics such as “The Mercy Seat” or “The Weeping Song“.


The only thing I found a bit inauthentic was the stage invasion during “Stagger Lee” as it is done at every show of the tour. However, another good surprise was to find Nick Cave in the middle of the audience finding Bobbie Gillespie from Primal Scream and make him sing a portion of the beautiful “Push The Sky Away“. 

Let’s not forget to mention the Bad Seeds as well as these guys are tremendous and in particularly Warren Ellis. “…He is a cutie…” as said Nick Cave after hugging him ; yes, Nick, you all are actually.

  • Conclusion: The National juste above Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and LCD Soundsystem behind. Should one meets their heroes? Definitely so!


Best albums of 2016: Death is not the end

2016 yeah-ah! Remember, the year when everyone died and also the year everyone discovered mortality? Losing David Bowie, Alan Vega, Prince, George Martin, Leonard Cohen or George Michael was very sad indeed as a few of them were really young but probably also has it meant a part of our youth was vanishing. I remember not being something new as such sad news in the past already occured with artists such as John Lennon, Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, Elliott Smith, Lou Reed or George Harrison. Listening to their music on a regular basis is probably the best way to keeping the flame alive. Death is a weird topic in Western civilizations as we keep on doing as if it were nonexistent although this is the only sure thing…I advise for those interested by this very festive topic to read the first pages of Karl Ove Knausgaard memoirs’ “A Death in the Family”.

On top of being the year everyone died, it has been also the year everyone published records. For some reasons, I had more time than usual to listen to (almost) all records that went out this year if one considers my reviewing perimeter is confined within the pop/rock/soul/hip hop/metal/r’n’b perimeter. I am humble enough to recognize there is somewhere an amazing jazz or blues record I am not aware of but this is also probably true for a great record made by an Italian, Malian or Brazilian band. There are so many musicians in the world and so many ways to discover them with streaming platforms or the resurgence of records’ stores that this is getting frustrating sometimes.

So after death and frustration, let’s bring the good news! This was a really fantastic year in terms of records and new music and it has been more difficult than ever to keep a shortlist. A few usual favourites of this blog are not amongst the chosen few either because they are just out of this Top 15 or because their records was below expectations despite being good. In other words, it has been a great year for hip-hop and r’n’b genres and De La Soul, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, A Tribe Called Quest, Kanye West, Solange or Franck Ocean 2016 records are also super-recommended. Same for a few indie rock favourites such as Shearwater, Bob Mould, Mark Kozelek, Wilco, Okkervil River, Teenage Fanclub or Pixies. As usual, I tried to stay as close to the end of the year as possible…but probably not enough as a new Run The Jewels album has just been available two days ago and a new Nine Inch Nails EP yesterday!

Anyway, always difficult to make choices but I guess that is the beauty of such lists. I had enough time this year to put on a ranking amongst my selection so here we go in reversed order. For those who did not get it, it means #1 is my record of the year!

Image result for biffy clyro ellipsis#15 Biffy ClyroEllipsis The main reason this record is here is probably that I live in the UK and that this band is really massive here. Biffy Clyro is a Scottish band made out of the twin brothers Ben and James Johnston on drums and bass and of Simon Neil on guitar and voice. On top of being known for playing bare-chested and being full of tattoos, their music has been evolving throughout the years from grunge metal to a kind of Scottish Foo Fighters. Not the most subtle music ever but it is soooooo good to shout out loud these anthems. Best stadium-rock record of the year!

Image result for sunflower bean human ceremony #14 Sunflower Bean – Human Ceremony Sunflower Bean is a young trio from Brooklyn and 2016 saw the release of their debut album. This record is a grower has one says and this band has a perfect sense of melody mixed with an exciting in-your-face attitude. If Liz Frazer from Cocteau Twins and Kurt Cobain from Nirvana had made a record together, it would be quite close to Sunflower Bean’s sound.

Image result for kanye west the life of pablo #13 Kanye West – The Life of Pablo This record has been probably too long and complex to make in a year that was a bit tough for Kanye West. After second thoughts, all years are tough, different and weird for Kanye… The reason why this record is not higher in terms of ranking is indeed probably due to the fact it requests many more hours of thorough listening to get over it. The reason why Kanye West is once again in our best of the year is named “Ultralight Beam”. This is the song opening the record and is one hell of a tune.

Image result for michael kiwanuka love and hate #12 Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate Michael Kiwanuka is a young British singer songwriter from Ugandan origins. After a very promising debut album in 2012 and great shows in a soul/folk tradition, he eventually faced a few difficult years looking for his real musical talent and trying to be at peace with his cultural background. After being closed to leave the music industry, he came back stronger and not afraid to show at the same time new ambitions but also happy to embrace any kind of music he likes. The results are really astonishing as one goes from one track sounding like Pink Floyd to another more related to black protest song a la Curtis Mayfield.

Image result for xiu xiu plays the music of twin peaks #11 Xiu Xiu plays the Music of Twin Peaks Of course, we Twin Peaks fans are all very much excited to discover in 2017 what Season 3 will be, directed by David Lynch himself…but that is not the reason this album is here. Xiu Xiu is a Californian band lead by Jamie Stewart and their music has always been complex to say the least. Here they succeeded to keep their weirdness to reshape covers from the series and the movie “Fire Walk With Me” whilst respecting the beautiful sense of melodies these songs hold. One of the most fascinating, frightening and powerful records one could find in 2016.

Image result for red hot chili peppers the getaway #10 Red Hot Chili Peppers  The Getaway “The worst band in the world”, “a cartoonish band”, “their best material is behind us” and so on… These are the articles one could find in reviews about the latest album by RHCP. This is totally untrue and shows how this is difficult sometimes for bands and their work to be really listened to. Thanks to the extraordinary production of DJ Danger Mouse, this is their best record for a long time and a few songs are really on par with their most famous ones (“Dark Necessities” for instance). This is also the first album in which Josh Klinghoffer succeeds in being himself and shows his guitar creativity without one having to remember his amazing predecessor John Frusciante.

Image result for meilyr jones 2013 #9 Meilyr Jones – 2013 This LP is the highest ranked debut album in our list and comes from a young Welsh singer. My best description of his music would be to mention Neil Hannon and his band The Divine Comedy if they still had the flame and kept on doing exciting records… The first track of this album called “How to recognize a work of art” is the best example of what a single should be nowadays. To put it differently, if you do not want to sing out loud or clap your hands, you are probably already dead (and I should have added you in my introduction). Click for concert’s review.

Image result for beyonce lemonade #8 Beyoncé  Lemonade A record from a major maturing artist, mixing all kind of music and sounds, not afraid to grab political topics such as the role of the black woman in Africa, being very much at the peak of visual and sound production, having prestigious guests such as James Blake, Kendrick Lamar, Jack White or The Weeknd? Indeed and even better than it looks like.

Image result for palermo hollywood biolay #7 Benjamin Biolay  Palermo Hollywood Would Benjamin Biolay be more famous out of French-speaking countries if he were to sing in English, like Christine and the Queens did this year with a new English edition of her album? Probably not and not sure I would like it to happen… I was a bit afraid to read that he recorded this LP in Argentina as this is not always a good idea to mix different styles. No risk here as this record is as Argentinian as The Wings’ “Band on the Run” was Nigerian when they went to Lagos to record it. Beautiful as always and as usual a very thin line between production and emotion.

Image result for radiohead a moon shaped pool #6 Radiohead  A Moon Shaped Pool Quite a bit unexpected I must say as although I found the recent experiences of their members always rewarding, I had more or less abandoned hope in listening again to a traditional great Radiohead album. I was entirely wrong as this album is probably one of their best, mixing urgency, poetic themes and more importantly super exciting music. Good also to hear more than usual the great sounds of the underestimated Colin Greenwood on bass. Take the time to discover this new album and you will be immensely rewarded.

Image result for kevin morby singing saw #5 Kevin Morby  Singing Saw Sometimes a good singer makes a new record and one can feel he has stepped up and is now part of the greats. It happened in recent years with bands or artists such as The War On Drugs or Kurt Vile for instance. Kevin Morby’s first albums were really good but this one has an extra je-ne-sais-quoi, mixing super exciting guitar music with great lyrics. If Bob Dylan were in his 20’s today and had started directly with electric music, he would not sound that different from Kevin Morby. Click for concert’s review.

Skeleton Tree #4 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  Skeleton Tree Nick Cave has been a sort of old companion as I have been buying his records and listening to his music for thirty years now. Unless having a heart of stone, one could only share the indescribable pain he and his spouse had last year when they lost a son. Despite a few songs already written and produced before this tragic event, this album is all about this loss. It may be of course quite harsh sometimes to listen to but one must recognize this is a fascinating record and one of his best works. With lots of very long songs and more drones and loops than usual, it might surprise those familiar with a Nick Cave sound but the effort is really recommended.

Image result for field music commontime #3 Field Music  Commontime This is another fantastic record from this band of brothers from Newcastle and probably a blessing and a curse for them as one gets used easily with quality stuff. I have already wrote a few posts on this band, in particular throughout my review of the end of the road festival. Let’s be more specific here: Field Music are the best unknown band of our times and every record is an incredibly exciting piece of music, mixing british pop sound, Prince and Steely Dan. Now get this record!

Image result for iggy pop post pop depression #2 Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression To put this record under the name of Iggy Pop only is quite an injustice as he himself recognizes that this is the work of a real band with Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) on drums and Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) on bass. But the real architect of this album is the great Josh Homme, leader of Queens of the Stone Age and main man on guitar and vibes here. Legend is that he received a text from Iggy asking “I think we should make a record together”. After a couple of days of uncertainty and pride, Josh replied also by text “I think that would be beautiful”. And beautiful and exciting and moving and funny and…name it it is! They all gathered secretly in the Rancho de la Luna studio in the Joshua Tree, California area and polished these fantastic nine songs. The best Iggy Pop record since “The Idiot” and “Lust for Life” 1976/77 Bowie era. Iggy pop made it quite clear that it would be his last traditional rock album and tour. If such were to be the case, one of the most beautiful human beings on earth has left us with a record to cherish. No better way also to end up a record (career?) with the wise lyrics taken from “Paraguay”, the last song on the album: “You take your motherfucking laptop/And just shove it into your goddamn foul mouth/And down your shit heel gizzard/You fucking phony two faced three timing piece of turd/And I hope you shit it out/With all the words in it”.

Blackstar #1 David Bowie Blackstar I swear I did not want to put this album as my album of the year as it looked a bit obvious… Blackstar has been the first record I bought this year as I got it on the 8th of January at the excellent New York Rebel, Rebel record store. This is also in NY that I got the sad news of the morning of the 11th of January and I do recognize that the way the late great man organised this record as a farewell piece of art might be over controlled. But I am pretty sure this record would still be ranked as such if David Bowie was still alive. First the music is super fresh through it and I have never heard so-called jazz musicians be used in such a “non-jazz” way on a “non-rock” record. Donny McCaslin on saxophone is particularly amazing. But the real stars of Blackstar are the songs and the melodies. Has there been a better song this year than “Lazarus” with its moving lyrics, free jazz style and The Cure influences?  I know this is difficult to listen to this record out of context but to me it stands as an immense piece of exciting musicRECORD OF THE YEAR!

Here we go then for 2016. Probably not my most original list ever but these records were those that brought me the most emotion and excitement this year and as a reminder this is the criteria for this list rather than any cultural or trendy meaning. Please react if you feel like it and whip me harshly for any significant record I may have missed in this Top 15!

Other voices’ (websites, magazines, records stores, etc…) Top 10. David Bowie and Franck Ocean everywhere!

  • Mojo (music mag): 1.David Bowie Blackstar 2. Michael Kiwanuka Love & Hate 3. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree 4. Lambchop FLOTUS 5. Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker 6. Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression 7. Franck Ocean Blonde 8. Paul Simon Stranger to Stanger 9. PJ Harvey The Hope Six Demolition Project 10. Heron Oblivion Heron Oblivion
  • Uncut (music mag): 1.David Bowie Blackstar 2. Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool 3. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree 4. Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker 5. Ryley Walker Golden Sings that have been Sung 6. PJ Harvey The Hope Six Demolition Project 7. Sturgill Simpson A Sailor’s Guide to Earth 8. Anohni Hopelessness 9. Teenage Fanclub Here 10. Beyoncé Lemonade
  • NME (formerly great, now free weekly junk): 1. The 1975 I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it 2. Kanye West The Life of Pablo 3. Christine & the Queens Chaleur Humaine 4. Skepta Konnichiwa 5. Kaytranada 99.9% 6. David Bowie Blackstar 7. DIIV Is the is are 8. Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression 9. Chance the Rapper Coloring Book 10. Franck Ocean Blonde
  • Rough Trade (London, Nottingham and Brooklyn stores): 1. Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression 2. Anderson .Paak Malibu 3. Margo Price Midwest Farmer’s Daughter 4. Mark Pritchard Under the Sun 5. Charles Bradley Changes 6. Anohni Hopelessness 7. Thee Oh Sees A Weird Exit 8. Angel Olsen My Woman 9. Powell Sport 10. Car Seat Headrest Teens of Denial
  • Fopp (UK stores): 1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree 2. David Bowie Blackstar 3. Christine & the Queens Chaleur Humaine 4. Mogwai Atomic 5. Bat for Lashes The Bride 6. Brian Eno The Ship 7. Field Music Commontime 8. King Creosote Astronaut meets Appleman 9. Lambchop FLOTUS 10. Skepta Konnichiwa
  • Greg Kot (Sound Opinions radio DJ #1): 1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree 2. Franck Ocean Blonde 3. Jamila Woods HEAVN 4. Michael Kiwanuka Love & Hate 5. Anderson .Paak Malibu 6. PJ Harvey The Hope Six Demolition Project 7. Drive-By Truckers American Band 8. Chance the Rapper Coloring Book 9. Solange A Seat at the Table 10. David Bowie Blackstar
  • Jim Derogatis (Sound Opinions radio DJ #2): 1. Savages Adore Life 2. TEEN Love Yes 3. La Femme Mysteres 4. Sneaks Gymnastics 5. The Gotobeds Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic 6. Honeyblood Babes never die 7. Jenny Hval Blood Bitch 8. Drive-By Truckers American Band 9. The Handsome Family Unseen 10. Beach Slang A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings
  • Pitchfork (music website): 1. Solange A Seat at the Table 2. Franck Ocean Blonde 3. Beyoncé Lemonade 4. David Bowie Blackstar 5. Kanye West The Life of Pablo 6. Chance the Rapper Coloring Book 7. A Tribe Called Quest We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service 8. Anohni Hopelessness 9. Angel Olsen My Woman 10. Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
  • Paste (music website): 1. David Bowie Blackstar 2. Beyoncé Lemonade 3. Car Seat Headrest Teens of Denial 4. A Tribe Called Quest We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service 5. Mitski Puberty 2 6. Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool  7. Angel Olsen My Woman 8. Lucy Dacus No Burden 9.Bon Iver 22, A Million 10. Franck Ocean Blonde
  • Les Inrocks (French mag): 1. David Bowie Blackstar 2.La Femme Mystere 3. Franck Ocean Blonde 4. The Lemon Twigs Do Hollywood 5. PNL Dans la légende 6. Kanye West The Life of Pablo 7. Leonard Cohen You want it Darker 8. Drake Views 9. Alex Cameron Jumping the Shark 10. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree
  • Time Out (London free weekly) : 1. Kanye West The Life of Pablo 2. David Bowie Blackstar 3. Solange A Seat at the Table 4. Skepta Konnichiwa 5. Kaytranada 99.9% 6. Anohni Hopelessness 7. Christine & the Queens Chaleur Humaine 8. Franck Ocean Blonde 9. Beyoncé Lemonade 10. Chance the Rapper Coloring Book
  • The Guardian (UK daily newspaper) : 1. Beyoncé Lemonade 2. Franck Ocean Blonde 3. David Bowie Blackstar 4. Kanye West The Life of Pablo 5. Solange A Seat at the Table  6. Anohni Hopelessness 7. Rihanna Anti 8. Christine & the Queens Chaleur Humaine 9. Skepta Konnichiwa 10. Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
  • Noise Magazine (French bimonthly magazine) : 1. Dinosaur Jr. Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not 2. Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas Mariner 3. Perturbator The Uncanny Valley 4. Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression 5. Preoccupations Preoccupations  6. Nothing Tired Of Tomorrow 7. David Bowie Blackstar 8. Neurosis Fires Within Fires 9. Savages Adore Life 10. Oranssi Pazuzu Värähtelijä

Death of a ladies’ man – Leonard Cohen’s studio albums

I never had a simple relationship with Leonard Cohen and his music. Of course, I have always recognised the beauty of his songs and the fantastic character he was but he never touched me like artists such as Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen did for instance. Michka Assayas did in October ’16 one full week of programs on his songs and I must say it made me re-discover the work of this great man. His recent death was a shock as well although one could only see that he was very active until his last days and that he had a beautiful and blossoming life until the end. I thought listening again to all his studio albums was probably the best way to reflect on his work and give my modest feedback…

 Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967): His debut album when he was already 33-year old, which already made him different from his contemporaries who very often had finished their careers at that canonical age. The story is quite known for those interested by his life: Leonard Cohen was already a celebrated poet and writer but he realised there was more money to be made in the music business, hence this first LP. This is probably his most classic and famous record, which bears in particular the worldwide known song “Suzanne”. The formula is simple: Leonard sings with his beautiful deep voice ten songs with a very lean instrumentation (very often a bit of acoustic guitar and that’s it). What makes this record eternal is the quality of the songs and their peculiar stories which were very often true and just facts that Leonard Cohen lived and put through poetry. Best tracks: “Sisters of Mercy”, “So Long, Marianne” and “Hey, that’s no Way to say Goodbye”. 9/10

 Songs from a room (1969) :  …and here is for me the first concrete example of a not-that-great LP from Leonard Cohen… The music is really boring and the sense of melodies very often nonexistent. What remains then for the listener? A few great songs for sure but not all of them can be considered as such. Listen without prejudice and I guess many of you will feel that way. Best tracks: “Bird on the Wire” , “The Partisan” and “You know who I am”. 7/10

 Songs of Love and Hate (1971) : has an album ever had such a clear title? Probably the best album from Leonard Cohen and that where he has never been more bitter or sharper in his words. As usual, if you like very complex music chords, forget it but if your idea of music is authenticity, great lyrics and emotional songs sung from a gravel voice, this is for you. Another recurring trend in his career is the way a few of these songs will have better singers cover them, like “Avalanche” covered by Nick Cave in 1985 for instance. …and as Lloyd Cole once said in a concert I attended in the early 00’s, “Famous Blue Raincoat” is (one) of the best songs ever. Best tracks: “Avalanche”, “Dress Rehearsal Rag” and “Famous Blue Raincoat”. 9/10

 New Skin for the old Ceremony (1974) : this is probably my favourite album from the great Canadian. The main reason is probably because to me this is the one where the musicality is the best, in the sense that one feels a close-to-perfect balance between his traditional guitar sound and added production. Probably the album where you will be able to listen to real sounds of drums and bass… and even a bit of groove. Well, we are not talking about Pharell Williams but you know what I mean,a “groovy” Leonard Cohen. Fantastic songs once again but this has been a recurring thing throughout his career so nothing new here. Best tracks: “Lover, lover, lover”, “There is a war” and “Take this longing” . 9.5/10

 Death of a Ladies’ Man (1977) : this is actually where things start to be embarrassing and awkward… This album does not have a good reputation for sure but I did not care one second about such consideration and was actually quite excited to listen to it again with fresh ears. For those who know their music history, they will be familiar with the fact that this record was produced by the formerly great Phil Spector. However, the guy was already on a declining slope and more famous for his eccentricities than for his work as his masterpieces were already behind him…and yes, that’s the one where he put his gun on Leo’s temples during a recording session. But the issue does not come from this but more from the fact that these songs are overall ok but often poorly producted and sometimes with weak melodies. I challenge everyone to listen to the song “Fingerprints” and find it good. So not his best record for sure… Best tracks: “Paper Thin Hotel”, “Dont’ Go Home with your Hard-On” and “Death of a Ladies’ Man”. 5/10

 Recent songs (1979) : not the most famous album of the great Canadian but one of his most solid ones. After the Phil Spector’s atypical record, Leonard Cohen was back to his more traditional sound but in a warmer way than usual and helped by subtle musical gems. One amazing song with “Came so far for Beauty” whereas the rest can be heard as a long moody sequence of tracks, sung quite beautifully. One thing though that would start a trend felt also in the next records: this is the place where one can feel the first (over?) use of female choirs. I have nothing against it (hello, Spiritualized) but here this is sometimes a bit out-of-place as far as I am concerned. Best tracks: “Humbled in Love”, “Came so far for Beauty” and “Our Lady of Solitude”. 7.5/10

 Various Positions (1984) : the first of his muzak albums… For those not familiar with the meaning of muzak, there is an expression in French :”musique d’ascenseur” (elevator music). This is probably too harsh as there are amazing songs in this record and sometimes the balance is really good as on the opener “Dance me to the end of love”. But overall, the music is much too dated with the sound of these awful 80’s synthesizers and organs and also these female choirs which do not bring anything at all. The best example being by far the immense song “Hallelujah”. The world should be eternally grateful to John Cale for spotting such beauty in this song and covering it in a style that Jeff Buckley would make its own a few years later. Best tracks : “Dance me to the End of Love”, “The Law” and “Hallelujah”. 6.5/10

Image result for i'm your man cover I’m your Man (1988) : as reviewed above, it would be foolish to say that Leonard Cohen had actually retired from music so talking about a comeback would be improper. However, that was the general feeling from all critics and audience alike as this LP was not really expected either in terms of being available but also in terms of music excellence. I know I am probably not consistent by criticizing on one side an album like “Various Positions” and praising “I’m your Man” when one focuses on the musical production. The only difference is that here Leonard Cohen goes until the end of his vision by incorporating only new sounds rather than being between a rock and a hard place. To make it short, this album uses new technology as good as the Pet Shop Boys do it. But that would be nothing without the songs of course and here you definitely have a few classics so re-discover this album again if not already the case. Best tracks : ” First we take Manhattan”, “Everybody knows” and “Tower of Song”. 8.5/10

See the source image The Future (1992) : unless you are the #1 worldwide fan of the late great Canadian, I guess everyone with a sense of artistry will admit that the cover with the bird, the heart and the handcuffs will not deserve a prize. ..and yes, I know this cannot be a criteria when one has in mind the cover of the Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds“. Anyway, this is neither the greatest Leonard Cohen LP… nor a tragedy as the songs are quite enjoyable in a sort of soporific-it’s-cold-outside-let’s-stay-home-read-a-book-and-play-this-record but this is not the main thing I want from music. As usual, there are a few great songs and “The Future” is one of them for sure but also a few embarrassing moments like the last almost-instrumental track “Tacoma trailer”. Best tracks : “The Future”, “Waiting for the Miracle” and “Democracy”. 6/10

 Ten New Songs (2001) : This record came out after nine years of silence, the longest interval between two albums at a time when Leonard Cohen was reaching his 67th year, so still a young man compared to other veterans. However, one can really feel here a man completely out of current trends, doing what he does best, ie singing calmly deep words with his gravel voice on top of quiet music. Once again, the music background is the real issue here as this is really to inoffensive and cheesy. Not terrible to one’s ears but quite boring to be honest. Not the kind or records you want to play regularly if you like music and the thousands of other exciting records to listen to. Best tracks: “In my Secret Life”, ” A Thousand Kisses Deep” and “By the Rivers Dark”. 5.5/10

 Dear Heather (2004) : First to all, “Dear Heather” is really the kind of record to listen to in specific moods and times of the day… In other words, quite a good record to listen to late at night, ideally in the umpteenth floor of a big tower with a view on the lights of the city… and not the kind you want to hear if you want super exciting music. This album is a bit the extreme for me regarding my muzak tolerance…but the songs are sometimes great, the mood makes sense very often and Leonard sings with the weight and wisdom of a not so young man. The thing is that there are really great songs but also terrible ones (hello “Undertow” and “Dear Heather”). Really difficult to judge on an objective manner so let’s be charmed by the great man and let’s not be too harsh… Best tracks : “Because of”, “The Letters” and “There for You”. 6/10

 Old Ideas (2012) : The first album of what I would call the farewell/twilight trilogy and a very good surprise to be honest. I bought this record quite mechanically I must say as when you are a music lover,… well you buy new records by Leonard Cohen, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones or Daft Punk whatever the reviews or the possibility of streaming… and this is one of those records I probably listened to a couple of times only. This is a much better one than his three previous efforts mainly due to the fact that the music is warmer and played with beautiful new instruments, such as a banjo or a violin. Interesting to note as well that Leonard Cohen is now clear about how to sing or rather how to tell stories whereas I was not convinced by his previous records. A few great songs and more than ever the regular themes of guilt, religion, disappointment, etc…on which Nick Cave based his career! Best tracks : “Going Home”, “Amen” and “Darkness”. 7/10

 Popular Problems (2014) : Another very solid effort from master Yoda and what a pleasure to get news from him on a regular basis so late in his career! Another thing I like about Leonard Cohen and his albums is that they are short and concise, which is a quality that fellow hip-hop artists should benefit sometimes. A very sharp album, where neither a word nor a note is superfluous. One should not be surprised by the quality of the writing when one knows the author but still there is such youth in these words that difficult not to be impressed. As usual, the music would benefit from having even less and I guess you understood that I am not a huge fan of female choir. What a pity that Leonard Cohen did not record with Rick Rubin as Johnny Cash did, as the results would have been amazing. Best tracks: “Almost like the Blues”, ” Did I ever love you” and “Nevermind”. 7.5/10

 You want it darker (2016) : Hopefully the last album from the great man as a) it looks it was conceived as such by his author b) nobody wants albums like the ones done after Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain died… This record has been out since mid-October 2016, i.e. two/three weeks before the sad news of the passing of Leonard Cohen and the mood is indeed very religious. Although not the masterpiece claimed in a few reviews, this is a beautiful way to say goodbye, thanks in particular to the great production of his son Adam Cohen. I am repeating myself but these last three albums will probably get better and better every year and this is quite difficult to judge such a fresh piece of art. Best tracks : “You want it darker”, “It seemed the better Way” and “Steer you Way”. 8/10

The verdict

14 studio albums in a row in around 3 weeks. Am I clearer on my musical relationship with Leonard Cohen? Slightly… I definitely recommend for anyone to own his four best albums and then one could create a great playlist with a few tracks here and there from the other LP’s. What is sure is that the world has been a better place with Leonard Cohen and that his influence on bands or on a certain way of seeing life and art has been immense. Musically speaking, it is true that not all his LP’s were great but who could say so apart from a few amazing artists? Alternatively, I would recommend one of the recent live albums (London or Dublin for instance) but also the fantastic compilation curated by les Inrocks in 1991 called “I’m your Fan”. Great covers by Pixies, Lloyd Cole, Nick Cave, Ian Mc Culloch…and so on. Probably the best way to listen to these songs is when they are sung by others.

R.I.P. Leo and thanks for making life on Earth a bit easier.

November 2020 Update

See the source image Thanks for the dance (2019) : I was worried when reviewing “You Want It Darker” that post-mortem releases would not bring anything… I was fortunately wrong with this album which came out three years after his death. What made this effort a beautiful and gracious one is the fact Adam Cohen produced the whole thing and composed the major part of the music. Leonard Cohen’s voice sounds incredible and this is quite funny to think his voice became an asset at the end of his career in opposition to when he started as people were considering him to be great then…despite his voice. There are a lot of prestigious guests on this record, like Beck or Feist to name a couple but the real star is nylon strings guitar player Javier Mas. Best tracks : “Happens To The Heart”, “It’s Torn” and “The Hills”. 7.5/10

Best of 2013 : Top 20 !

2013 was one of these years… Every year is great when you are a real music fan as there are reasures to discover in pop, soul, rock, metal, hip hop,…any style. But 2013 was special and I had to put apart excellent records that would have been here other years (hello My Bloody Valentine, Iron & Wine, Franz Ferdinand and many others…). Difficult as well for newcomers to join the crew so good were the more famous artists who had been there forever and/or made unexpected comebacks.



Album of the Year – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Push the Sky away”

 Nick Cave has made so many great albums that a new one is sometimes seen as “another excellent Nick Cave album”. That was my reaction at first and although I liked it a lot, it became slowly but surely my number one throughout the second part of the year. Amazing songs, great lyrics, less guitar, more melodies, Warren Ellis more and more present as lieutenant…and that’s it. We have with Nick Cave an amazing musician and singer, who keeps a very humble attitude and tends to simplify his art with age (as many great painters did in the past) so discover him if not done yet and cherish his music.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Paris Zenith 2013, holding hands

From Paris, November 2013 concert

The rest of my top 20 (by alphabetical order)

  Arcade Fire“Reflektor” Arcade Fire have been back in 2013 and the least one can say was that indeed difficult to miss them being back. Lots of hype around the name (they took the fake “The Reflektors” tag to play here and there), around their new sound (more rhythm thanks to LCD Soundsystem James Murphy), around their mystery guests (hello again David Bowie)… but at the end of the day how were the songs and the LP? Well,…good enough to be in this Top 20 but probably not as good as their previous LP’s “Funeral” and “The Suburbs”. They remain though one of the most interesting bands of our times, the way they are looking for new ways to do music is refreshing (despite the quite irritating marketing plan around it) and with the song “Reflektor” they had an amazing hit.

 Arctic Monkeys – “AM” The little boys from Sheffield are now mid-20’s adults living in California and AM is already their fifth (!) LP. I hesitated a bit before putting this album as well but not anymore after a few recent listening as such powerful and melodic their music still is. For those who love at the same time Brit-pop and stone-rock (me!), this album is a must (and quite well ranked everywhere in the UK).

 David Bowie“The Next day” What can I say except that 2013 was a weird year with the totally unexpected come-back from such a great artist to the music biz but as well amongst the world of the living whereas my indestructible other idol Lou Reed left us in October… The 8th of  January in particular had been an important day with David Bowie showing to the world a new single the day of his 66th birthday and the fact that a new LP was to arrive in March. The Next Day is a superb album, as good as the last ones he had done in the early 00’s and with the usual great partners, such as for instance Toni Visconti at the production wheel or Gail Ann Dorsey on bass. Amazing 10-minute remix of “Love is lost” from James Murphy (again!) available on the limited edition of the album mixing typical LCD Soundsystem and a few musical phrases from “Ashes to Ashes”.

Image result for bill callahan dream river Bill Callahan“Dream River” A new LP by Bill Callahan might be the equivalent of new Woody Allen or Coen Bros movies : very regular in production, you go there more by habit than will, it sounds or looks familiar at first sight or listening but then you realise that these guys are real masters in what they do and that their art is always on top of the rest. No revolution here in Bill Callahan’s music but very humble and funny lyrics with beautiful melodies and a very crafted way to make it sound modern. If you do not know yet this artist, “Dream River” is the album to start with.

Image result for wise up ghost Elvis Costello and the Roots“Wise Up Ghost” I tend to be suspicious and to freeze my enthusiasm when two of my favourite artists from different horizons join forces to make music together as this is often deceptive. Fortunately the association of Elvis Costello with what might be the best hip-hop band of the last fifteen years has given beautiful results. The strength of this album is that both these artists collaborate on a kind of “intermediary” music (say neither rock, nor hip-hop) giving what could be the Tamla Motown sound of today. The most unforecasted collaboration of the year for a very recommended album.

MCII Mikal Cronin“MCII” One of the rare newcomers in this Top 20 list, Mikal Cronin is a young American part of the Ty Segall garage-rock frame. However, his music is more balanced than the rest of his fellow friends with a mix of folk sensitivity and indeed sometimes heavier garage-rock sounds. Melodies are superb throughout this album, which explains its presence in our Top 20.

 Daft Punk“Random Access Memories” Like Arcade Fire, Daft Punk‘s return has been precisely prepared and implemented and one could feel concerned about what was really at stakes. But who cares when the music is so good… and so different vs. what the band had done before. To make it short, let’s stay that Daft Punk went with this record from the numeric to the analogic age with subtlety, envy and creativity. You have been dancing and listening to “Get Lucky” for almost a year now so I will not dare tell you that this single is indispensable and probably the best hit song since Gnarls Barkley “Crazy”. What makes this LP so amazing as well is the way the band and their guests managed to get the best from each others. The real master of this album by far is the fantastic drummer Omar Hakim ; he is the one keeping this heartbeat rhythm throughout the album and making it the work of robots starting being human. (almost) #1 record of the year…

 Darkside“Psychic” Darkside is a project held by the American-Chilean dance music producer Nicolas Jaar with the (great) help of guitarist Dave Harrington. Together, they do produce fantastic electro music, succeeding to make it sound at the same time very fresh and very 70’s. This is probably not by chance that their project’s name is a part of Pink Floyd most famous album. I personally had an amazing experience when I saw them live at the Paris Pitchfork festival so euphoric and dreamy their music is.

 Junip“Junip” Junip is a Swedish trio lead by semi-famous pop/folk singer José Gonzalez and this album is their second LP after “Fields” in 2010. They clearly played tougher with this album, not in the sense that they suddenly starting making death-metal guitar riffs but more in the fact that they mixed their usual beautiful folk songs with new repetitive rhythms not far from those made famous by 70’s German bands (CAN, NEU!, etc…). A real grower too as each new listening make this album better and better.

 Mark Kozelek and Jimmy Lavalle“Perils from the Sea” One of the four (!) LP’s offered this year by the great Mark Kozelek and all surprisingly fresh and different (one is live “at Phoenix Public House Melbourne“, one is a covers LP “Like Rats” and the other one is a collaboration with US band Desertshore). This one is for me the best of the four probably because Mark Kozelek had not been involved in such fresh sounds for years. Jimmy Lavalle is more famous as leader of electro-pop band The Album Leaf and one can feel all what he brought to this collaboration. Red House Painters fans will find Mark Kozelek’s voice as beautiful as ever but probably in more dynamic and smiling environment (do not get wrong, I am the #1 fan of his usual depressive songs…).

 Laura Marling“Once I was an Eagle” Laura Marling is a young 23-year old British singer and this album is already her 4th album (!). I guess I never talked about her before in this blog whereas her music has been a constant pleasure for years now. She put herself in danger here by letting her UK band behind her to record this album in Los Angeles with new musicians. But I would tend to say that the real star of the show is her in all her records so impressive is her maturity and voice for such a young lady. The first four tracks of this record are a kind of post-break up suite when one can really feel the 3 am mood of serene hope after difficult times. If these comments remain unclear, think Laura Marling as the Joni Mitchell of our times, no less.

 The National“Trouble will find me” The National are really getting better and better with each release. This might seem too affirmative a sentence in relation to their last LP’s that have been regularly in our best of’s of former years but this album is a good as all previous ones regarding chords and arrangements but probably stronger in terms of melodies and emotion (“happy/sad”). If you are familiar and attracted to their music, you really should catch them on stage. I saw them live twice in 2013 and this has been every time an amazing moment.

 Nine Inch Nails“Hesitation Marks” Another excellent come-back as the band was on infinite hiatus since 2009 but it looks like the different very good projects Trent Renznor was having on a parallel side were not rewarding him enough compared to the thrill of being back on record and on stage with his main band Nine Inch Nails. Very long and deep album which will request many listening to get over all its treasures. Same as for The National with Nine Inch Nails ; if you like them, seeing them live is a must.

 Prefab Sprout “Crimson/Red” Talking about comeback, this one was probably the most surprising of them all. Of course, there had been a few albums since Prefab Sprout’s great years (basically the 80’s) but more often these good records were recordings from the past. This is not the case with this new album which has been made alone by Paddy McAlloon. After many serious health issues, he is looking now like an old wise man with long white hair and beard but his songs (and voice) are that of a young man in his late 20’s in love. Probably the most moving album of the year.

 Queens Of The Stone Age“…like Clockwork” Amazingly enough, it had been six years since the previous QOTSA album and one did not feel such a long time due to their leader Josh Homme’s presence in many projects. However, he had disappeared for a few months in 2012 as he faced a surgery that did not go well and had a near-death experience. After double-thoughts about his career and the meaning of life, the big man came back to what he is famous for : music that rocks like hell ! Well, sort of as this album is probably the most melodic and quiet one and should bring new fans to one of the greatest bands of our times.

 Trentemøller“Lost” Our favourite Danish dance artist/producer has been back recently with this very good album which did not make a lot of noise amongst the specialists. This is a shame as one can find the post-punk mixed with electro kind of music for which he is so good at (say This Mortal Cole with a Daft Punk Vibe…). Many great guests as well on this LP, including Mimi Parker from Low.

 Kurt Vile“Wakin on a Pretty Daze” This blog’s author is quite a fan of Kurt Vile and I have seen him live twice this year. What makes this young man so good and above the rest of all the fine American rock writers? Probably the way he has of not playing 100% of the biz game and being naive at the same time. Musically speaking, those who like their songs long and repetitive as in the best Neil Young LP’s will get love at first sight with Kurt Vile.

 Kanye West“Yeezus” You all know Kanye West, one of the richest musicians ever, with an ego the size of a continent, his celebrity-life, his ridiculous videos, the way he talks to the media basically about …anything. But this is not the Kanye West I like ; the one I know is one the greatest artists of all times, making fantastic albums in a row, always changing style, inventive and creator of superb melodies. This LP was tougher after the first listening (almost sounding like the NY 70’s band Suicide for those familiar) but deserved attention as this was as good as his best work. Funny as well to hear Daft Punk on many tracks playing dark and scary electro whereas they chose soul sounds for their own LP.

 Yo La Tengo“Fade” Another great LP from Yo La Tengo with as usual the same beautiful split of cool ballads and furious saturated rock songs. Having seen them live this year was as great as before and having the honour to get a 5-minute chat with them at the Paris Pitchfork Festival made my year. In this sad 2013 year where our rock master disappeared, there is no better band as Yo La Tengo to bear the Velvet Underground sounds.

Other top 5’s :

  • New Musical Express (UK weekly mag.): 1. Arctic Monkeys “AM” 2. Kanye West “Yeezus” 3. Queens Of The Stone Age ”…Like Clockwork” 4. Foals “Holy Fire” 5. Savages “Silence Yourself”
  • Uncut (UK monthly mag.): 1. My Bloody Valentine “mbv” 2. David Bowie “The Next Day” 3. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Push The Sky Away” 4. John Grant “Pale Green Ghosts” 5. Laura Marling “Once I Was An Eagle”
  • Mojo (UK monthly mag.): 1. Bill Callahan “Dream River” 2. Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” 3. David Bowie “The Next Day” 4. Arctic Monkeys “AM” 5. John Grant “Pale Green Ghosts”
  • Paste (US web mag.): 1. Phosphorescent “Muchacho” 2. Mikal Cronin “MCII” 3. Foxygen “We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic” 4. Janelle Monae “The Eletric Lady ” 5. Deerhunter “Monomania”
  • Pitchfork  (US website): 1. Vampire Weekend  “Modern Vampires Of The City” 2. Kanye West “Yeezus” 3. Disclosure “Settle ” 4. My Bloody Valentine “mbv” 5. Danny Brown “Old”
  • Les Inrockuptibles (French weekly mag.): 1. Arcade Fire “Reflektor” 2. La Femme “Psycho Tropical Berlin” 3. Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” 4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Push The Sky Away” 5. Jagwar Ma “Howlin”
  • Magic rpm (French monthly mag.): 1. Aline “Regarde Le Ciel” 2. Phoenix “Bankrupt!” 3. Minks “Tides End” 4. La Femme “Psycho Tropical Berlin” 5. Arcade Fire “Reflektor”
  • New Noise (French bimester mag.): 1. Jessica 93 “Who Cares” 2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Push The Sky Away” 3. Fuck Buttons “Slow Focus” 4. Ventura “Ultima Necat” 5. Marvin “Barry
  • Sound Opinions (US music podcast)   Greg Kot’s 1. Parquet Courts “Light Up Gold” 2. Chance The Rapper “Acid Rap” 3. Allen Toussaint “Songbook” 4. Darkside “Psychic” 5. Savages “Silence Yourself”     Jim DeRogatis’ 1. Savages “Silence Yourself” 2. Parquet Courts “Light Up Gold” 3. Chance The Rapper “Acid Rap” 4. Foxygen “We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic” 5. Lorde “Pure Heroine”
  • Fargo (Paris records store): Top 2013 records in no particular order
  • Ground Zero (Paris records store): Top 10 in no particular order
  • Other Music (NY records store): Top 30 in no particular order

Reissue of the Year

Nirvana “In Utero” Much more than “Nevermind” or “Unplugged”, “In Utero” was Nirvana‘s masterpiece. No need to argue beloved readers ; this is a fact ! This magnificent box-set include 3 CD’s of the original album with the mix we all know plus mixes of what it could (should?) have been plus a lot of alternate versions and a tremendous MTV live show (also including as a DVD) which shows all the power of the band and the genius Kurt Cobain was. Read in particular the letter that producer Steve Albini wrote to the band to convince them to work with him to understand what love of music is about.

Music Movie of the Year

Dave Grohl “Sound City” Very moving and energizing movie from Dave Grohl explaining how such a great studio Sound City, California was (home of many historical records such as Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” – great reissue as well this year by the way – and Nirvana “Nervermind” for instance), how it slowly got less famous vs. new technologies and how he bought the mixing desk and brought it back to life. The music is extraordinary throughout the movie and there are many guests bringing back this place to life. Watching in particular Paul McCartney with the surviving members of Nirvana or Josh Homme playing with Trent Renznor is a must. Watch the movie and buy the album.

TOP 100 Artists/Bands of all Times : 31 – 35

35. Paul McCartney (Wings/Fireman)

 from : Liverpool, England, UK / first great sounds : 60’s / style : Sir Paul / essential albums : McCartney(1970) , Ram (1971), Band on the Run (1973), Back to the Egg (1979), Driving Rain (2001)

We are of course talking about the post-Beatles career here. Paul’s early 70’s solo records were very criticized when they went out as people were used to the richness of the Beatles sound. However, with time passing forward, you should discover these LP’s as their lo-fi sound is very “now” and as they hide such a creativity in melodies and sounds. The mid and late 70’s Wings period is particularly amazing as well with songs that are really on par with the best Beatles ones sometimes. The great man went back from so-so records in the 80’s/early 90’s to really interesting records recently. Go and see Paul if you want to spend the best karaoke night of your life!

34. The Afghan Whigs

 from : Cincinnati, Ohio, USA/ first great sounds : 80’s / style : grunge’n’soul / essential album : Gentlemen (1993) / click for more on the blog

What a band ! And what an amazing leader and singer they had/have (the band reforms once in a while) with Greg Dulli. Imagine a band mixing the power and abandon of the grunge era with the structure and soul of the Tamla Motown era and you have the beautiful Afghan Whigs. I have been lucky enough to go to the ATP festival last year in the UK and I must say they were the reason for me to do so. I have listen to their masterpiece “Gentlemen” literally hundreds of time and this is a discovery every time. Discover yourself the Afghan Whigs if not done yet.

33. Sonic Youth

 from : New York, NY, USA / first great sounds : 80’s / style : Sonic rock! / essential albums : Sister (1987), Daydream Nation (1988), Goo (1990)

Woah ; what a band ! I am afraid I will keep on being so enthusiastic until we reach Number One in my TOP 100 as every band from now onwards is truly amazing! And Sonic Youth is no exception. Lead by formerly married couple Kim Gordon on bass and Thurston Moore on guitar with the help of the great Lee Ranaldo on guitar and Steve Shelley on drums, Sonic Youth have started as a post-punk band of the NY art scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s. They matured little by little, making amazing records and shows, keeping their punk art sensibility with a talent for real powerful rock sound. Their future seems uncertain now but let’s thank them for these long years of constant pleasure.

32. Gil Scott-Heron

See the source image from : Chicago, Illinois, USA / first great sounds : 70’s / style : protest soul / essential albums : Pieces of a Man (1971), Winter in America (1974), Bridges (1977)

Son of the Scottish soccer player whose nickname was the black arrow, Gil Scott-Heron has been one of the most influential person in music in the 20th century : writer, rap pioneer, creator of beautiful soul songs with his partner in crime Brian Jackson on keyboards, defender of human rights, etc… The second part of his life has been a constant descent to hell with the classic hurricane brought by drugs consumption : addiction, loss of friends, job, family and health. He came back from the dead in 2010 with “I’m New Here” thanks to a young generation of musicians but unfortunately passed away in 2011 as his body had seen too many abuses. I saw him on stage a few months before he died and although I must admit it was not his best show ever, the pride in having seem him in the flesh was very rewarding.

31. Nick Cave (Birthday Party / Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / Grinderman)

 from : Australia/ first great sounds : 70’s  / style : Cave blues / essential albums : Kicking Against The Pricks (1986), Tender Prey (1988), The Good Son (1990), The Boatman’s Call (1997),  Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus (2004), Push The Sky Away (2013)

Our favourite Australian (now more a citizen of the world after having lived in Berlin, São Paulo…and Brighton) is one of this musician whom I have followed since an early age and who have never disappointed me in what form whatsoever. To me, Nick Cave is a real bluesman, meaning his music bears all influences but they are his and does not have time for any compromising bullshit. There are basically two Nick Cave songs : the slow piano one and the (often very long) excited and possessed guitar-one but Oh Lord how I would like to be able to reach one tenth of these two songs! Essential artist.