Elvis Costello, London Royal Albert Hall, 29th October 2014

Elvis Costello, Royal Albert Hall 2014, alone

… and yes dear readers, the blog is back! After years of tremendous world-wide success and aggressive buying offers from equity funds, Virgins and Philistines Senior Management have regrouped and concluded that the only way for the blog to keep its independency and stay focusing on the pure musical side was to cross the Channel and set up our Headquarters in London, one of the few major rock cities.

Elvis Costello, Royal Albert Hall 2014, with Georgie Fame

And there is probably no better way to re-start our chronicles than seeing live one of our favourite artists of all times (ranked #8 in our Top 100) in one of the most beautiful and famous music theatre of the U.K. (I did not find out though how many holes could fill this place…). Despite having reached the honourable 60-years old threshold which is by the way something amazing as I am still seeing him as this enraged young punk rock musician from the 70’s, Elvis Costello – real name Declan McManus – is currently in a very dynamic energy. To my mind, he has much clarity and vision about what he wants to do about his musical life than, say, 10 or 15 years ago.

Elvis Costello, Royal Albert Hall 2014, with Steve Nieve

After being on stage with the legendary opening band Georgie Fame and the Blue Fames for one track, Elvis Costello came back later to open his own set that was supposed to be solo… but with a great surprise as the pianist Stevie Nieve was on stage for a good part of the show. On top of having the pleasure of seeing these two great musicians working together, this was fantastic as well to see how they both are not people only watching in a rear-view mirror but always eager to go towards the future when the art of arrangement is concerned.

Elvis Costello, Royal Albert Hall 2014, on guitar

The set list was extraordinary and really well-balanced with all musical periods of his life and you will find all details in the set on this link. When Elvis Costello played on his own, he only had to choose one of the beautiful six guitars that were surrounding him but once again for me the real magical moments came when he revisited all songs with Steve Nieve on the piano. Songs such as “I don’t want to go to Chelsea” or “Shipbuilding” were really extraordinary that night. See you soon again Elvis and you dear blog readers for more frequent news than the last months.

Elvis Costello, Royal Albert Hall 2014, on air

One thought on “Elvis Costello, London Royal Albert Hall, 29th October 2014

  1. Welcome back !
    Good news to see presence on fucking rosbeef music theatres, but who will be there to support Johnny Marr at the famous Trabendo scene tomorrow evening ?

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