February 2021 Album of the month: Mush- “Lines Redacted”

Is February really the shortest month of the year? Not sure when one thinks about the number of records that were released..

Album of the month: Mush – “Lines Redacted” – Pop Rock – Mush are from Leeds and this new release is their second album after last year’s excellent “3D Routine” effort. In the grand tradition of other bands coming from this great city (like Gang Of Four or Scritti Politti for instance), their music could be described as weird post-punk or dissonant pop. Vocalist Dan Hyndman has a peculiar singing style but the way the band mix his sharp vocals with their ferocious playing makes them one of the most promising ones of our times. For those who like long and complex guitar-oriented songs a la Pavement, this band could well be your new favourite one.

Runner-up: Mogwai “As The Love Continues” – Instrumental Rock – This is quite crazy to think that this is Mogwai‘s tenth studio album, not taking into account soundtracks they did from movies such a ‘Zidane‘ or TV series ‘Les Revenants‘ for instance. The more it goes, the better their music is and catching these fine Glaswegian musicians on stage is very much recommended if you can. I must also confess being a fan of the art covers of their albums, which means their music is even better enjoyed while getting the vinyl version

  • Also recommended:
  • Black Country, New Road “For The First Time” – Pop Rock – Excellent and much expected first album from this very young seven-member arty post punk UK band.
  • The Weather Station “Ignorance” – Pop Rock – Fifth album from Canadian singer/songwriter Tamara Lindeman and her best so far.
  • Katy Kirby – “Cool Dry Place” – Pop Rock – Quite moving debut album from young solo Texan singer/songwriter.
  • Tindersticks – “Distractions” – Pop Rock – Like Mogwai, Tindersticks should not be taken for granted and each new release is another step towards greatness. This time, they covered a few songs, including “A Man Needs A Maid” from Neil Young.
  • Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – “Carnage” – Cavean Music – Is it another strong opus from these two great gentlemen or does it fall sometimes too close to self parody? I am not sure yet as this record needs a few other listens to decide for sure…

U.F.A of the month! : Mathieu Boogaerts – “En Anglais” – Fine idea on paper and I know this is kind of done on purpose but really, listening to such a French accent for almost thirty minutes is almost unbearable…

Lest we forget: album of the previous month – Goat Girl – “On All Fours

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